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I sell on ebay at the moment do others find hipstamp better and is it well supported by buyers.
I am based in Australia is there any other Aussie sellers out there and do you find hipstamp better.
Looking forward to getting involved with this group and seeing comments.


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  • Hello, Mark. Welcome to HipStamp!

    While I'm not from Australia, there are several of your countryfolk on this site.

    I think HipStamp is better for selling stamps as there is little room provided by the management here for fraudulent sellers. If you have a store on eBay, you can sync your items to this site.
  • Hi Michael
    Thanks for that I will look into sync my items from ebay.Thanks for your help.
    Regards Mark
  • "I am based in Australia is there any other Aussie sellers out there "

    Cue Rod Tilyard in 3 . . . 2 . . . 1 . . .
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    Thanks Ted... :) Welcome aboard Mark. Syncing your eBay fixed price listings here is a great time saver and will supplement your other sales. Running with both platforms is your best option and after a few months you can decide if you need only one.

    Do I find HipStamp better? Let's just say in my case I will not be abandoning eBay any time soon.

    Michael raised the spectre of fraudulent sellers - these are a tiny percentage of sellers on ALL platforms and the best way any buyer can avoid them is to buy from members of the IPDA (Internet Philatelic Dealers Association):

    Cheers, Rod
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    Just to emphasise my point about the IPDA, there is a strong membership of HipStamp sellers :

    Geoff Belshaw
    Carol Brooks
    Harry Buehne
    Lee Coen
    Michael Dodd
    Richard Knierim
    Francois Lafrance
    David Loving
    Art Luther
    Peter Wichmann Moller
    Doug Noernberg
    Robert Parkin
    Rod Tilyard
    Gregory Todd
    Ted Tyszka

    And of course we would like to have Michael, Mark and all HipStamp sellers as members!
  • Well if it is ok to plug the IDPA I will also mention that many Canadian sellers are members of the Canadian Stamp Dealers Association, web site at . I am sure that some of the US based sellers are members of either the American Philatelic Soc or American Stamp Dealers Association.

    Welcome to the site. I have been here since 2005 when it started as stampwants, then Bidstart, then SG Marketplace and now Hipstamp. While I am still selling at Ebay I find my sales here better, and a more helpful staff if problems do arise. Hipstamp also seems to avoid the Feebay habit of changing things just to change things to "Improve the buying experience".

    Dennis, the Fatdane here at
  • Then I will shamelessly plug MHDA (Mount Helix Dealer Association) of which is exclusively composed of a single qualified participant, er, me. There is a unified agreement of policies, purposes, and integrity among its member. Discipline has occasionally been necessary in the form of self-flagellation, followed by copious apologies to the injured party and generous recompense, and, if deemed helpful to restoration of the association....frozen yogurt therapy.
  • Ron, if only all stamp organizations held their members to such rigorous standards and discipline.
  • Thanks Rod and everybody else for your feedback.I will look into the IPDA.I look forward to opening my store on Hipstamp.I run an ebay store from there Australian site will that make it harder to sync because everything is in AUD.
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    I took a quick look and as I suspected, there are already items on here listed in AU$ so you should be able to synch directly.

    I've items on both ebay .COM (US$) and .CA ($C) and they all automagically retain their original currency designation when they synch here...
  • Many thanks Ron for the help.
  • Speaking of Oz, I just ran across this:
  • Good one Ted. That confirms the original spelling of the city Purrrth
  • If I synch my ebay store and something sells on hipstamp do I pay both fees ebay and hip?
  • Hi Mark, fee only applies where the item sells, no double dipping.
  • Hey Rod that's what I mean if it sells I pay both ebay and hip final value fees?
  • No, you pay only once. So if it sells on HipStamp you just pay a HipStamp FVF. If it sells on eBay then you just pay an eBay FVF.
  • Sorry I don't get it yet if it sells on hip then is it taken off ebay.
  • That's correct. The HipStamp sync removes the listing (assuming it has a quantity of 1) from eBay. It does not count as a sale on eBay so no eBay FVF is charged.
  • It is best to double check each time. The unsold item will show up in the "unsold ended listings" section of eBay if it was quantity of 1 (plus depending what notifications you have turned on you'd also receive the "relisting..." email message as well from eBay. If it was a higher quantity than 1 you'd have to double check the remaining count you have to make sure.

    In my experience the only problems have been multi item listings where the count did not get reduced by one, which only happened a couple times. Having said this, it has been many months now since I've had any problems at all with a synched Hipstamp sale not being properly reflected on ebay, so the autoending seems to be working AOK now.
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    Best of luck Mark. I deal mainly in First Day Covers and also FDC's, stamps and small collectable items on ebay. To be honest with you I find my sales on Hipstamp disappointing.

    I'm moving towards 18 months selling on this site with only 45 items sold (97% FDC's) that's a fraction of 1% of what I sell on ebay. My philatelic items seem to sell like "hot cakes" on ebay but not hear for some reason? Perhaps this is a more "stamps" type site rather than First Day Covers? Saying that I have made a small profit and I now use this site as a "shop window" for what I have to sell as sales do pay for my fees with money left over to continue with the advertising here.

    However - I have had a large proportion of Australian repeat & multiple order buyers from those sales, so obviously there are plenty of Australian buyers using this site which should help you.That may be because I offer cheaper un-tracked international postage here? Strangely though on ebay customers will and do pay for expensive tracked & signed postage/shipping?
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    There has been a useful recent change in the way Hipstamp sales are reflected on your ebay pages.

    Hipstamp sales used to appear in your ebay "unsold items" or "ended listings" pages or even both. There was no message so it was quite easy to relist an item sold here on ebay again by mistake!

    Now however your Hipstamp sold item shows a pre-marker "(SOLD)" which helps a lot. A very good change.............I just need some more sales!
  • Thanks that sounds great I have opened a store and put a couple of auction items on just to test the water but will synch it with ebay next week.Thanks for your help.
  • Thanks Tania for your comments.To be honest I have never had much luck selling FDC I have a few listed but I don't think many collectors are collecting them.I am just testing the waters at the moment my ebay sales are slow but I think its the time of year.
  • Thanks for all the comments.Here is a link to my store happy to hear any feedback good or bad.
  • Welcome Mark ! It looks like you're off to a good start.
    Cheers from 'up above,'
  • Mark..... I'll give my input. First I'm a relatively new collector who does most of my shopping on Ebay but all of a sudden instead of buying sheets I've gotten more into buying blocks or strips, especially older stamps. I haven't shopped in Hip Stamp for quite awhile...... until today! I made quite a few purchases today of what I wanted and got them quite a bit less than getting them on Ebay. I even have more on my watchlist! What I DO like about Hip Stamp is that you don't have to get into a bidding war. If you don't see the price you like? Move on to the next!
  • Can one sell on hipstamp without having a store? I want to go to auction format.
  • No. You have to have a store subscription.
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