Miniaturized "cents" in pricing of US dollars.

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Why a recent change to miniaturize the "cents" amount of pricing for lots in US dollars? The fields on screens are already small enoug;h - why make these even harder to read?

See uploaded ScreenSnip image of both US dollar listing and one of Canadian dollars.HipStamp.ScreenSnip


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  • I agree. The font for cents is too low.
  • When did that happen? I must agree when one has an item for $1.92 it is rather a staring contest to see if I can tell the .92 correctly. I guess we'll get used to it, but we must slow down and really look at the cents, if that makes sense!
  • DOUBLE WOW !!! That must have just happened because I cannot read the price unless I blow up the page to 120 or 130 which cuts off things ........ why on earth would they do this - it makes it an arduous task to browse anymore - hope that they fix it post haste or explain the reasoning they feel they had to do it. .
    Since I comparison price when listing it is going to pretty much take two to three times as long - not gonna work. I will wait until hopefully sanity prevails.
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    All prices are now infected with the cents disease.
    "why on earth would they do this" annoy most people who do not have 20/20 vision.
  • I was hoping it was only a temporary glitch...sigh...
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    George, just buy everything under a dollar, these are immune. :smile:
  • I put in a ticket for this as it is hard to believe that making the price difficult to see is desirable. The response was that they are trying different things and would pass it on to the team. Made me almost think that Mark had hired Griff.

    My vision is 20/30 - not too bad at 72 but not perfect. Perhaps not everyone is part of this experiment but it looks just like the screen shot in the first post. So unless you feel that it is acceptable to use micro print in a price you might want to send in a ticket to be counted among the upset.
  • Wish they would quit tweaking little things like this, and work on implementing many of the big enhancements that have been requested and they have been promising to do.
  • A minor issue in my opinion, but the change is not particularly helpful.
  • If it ain't broke....
  • Squinting hurts!
  • Honestly who on gods green earth could possibly think that this was a good idea. I guess it's true , common sense isn't very common anymore!!!!
  • This is among the worst things on this site that the powers to be thought was an improvement.
  • The younger eyes of a programmer often forget that older people need bigger fonts and often better contrast in the text in order to see what's on the screen. I believe the average age of stamp collectors is around 60, while the average age of a programmer is probably around 22.
  • Exactly - yes, I can strain my eyes and read the numbers for a short period of time but it is not good for my eyes or my temperament. They need a graphics person if they are going to let their programmers destroy the ability for people to actually use the site.

    I have been forced to do my price checking on that "other" site which works for the pricier material. The cheaper stuff is OK because at least so far the price of items under $1.00 is OK - seems backwards to me.
  • Well we need at least one friendly comment - it does look rather snazzy if you can see good enough. Maybe should just round to the nearest dollar. Items less than $1 are sometimes a pain, especially for professionals who may not even have such, but they are nice impulse buys to go along with that $5 item. I'm glad they stick out more!
  • My 2 cents worth, to quote George DeKornfeld If it ain't broke...
    I use glasses to read also the colour red is a bad choice, there are people who do not see red. !!

    A more useful improvement would be to sort the Country Category list !!
  • In conjunction with the new listing method. I've lowered my shipping from SEVENTY-FIVE CENTS to seventy-five cents
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