Where to buy a 2018 Scott catalog

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  • I'm looking to buy a 2018 Scott catalog. Can anybody suggest where I could buy one. Up till now, all stamps I have listed are priced from the 2013 catalog and I noticed my prices are way too low. Although I have stamps from all over the world, I am only selling Germany right now that is enough for me to handle.
    The real expert, stamp collector in my shop: Philacourse" was my husband Jim. I have not listed anything on our site since he got sick and passed away last October. I was never a collector and only know the little, Jim has taught me, so I am just trying to sell off some of the doubles in the German collection.
  • I had just posted a reply to this post before Mark split it off into a separate discussion. Mark, please delete my post in the thread from where you pulled Doris' request; it won't make much sense anymore in that thread.

    I don't believe the Germany prices overall have changed much between the 2013 and 2018 Scott catalogs, especially with the more recent issues. I did a spot check on Scott numbers 1 - 28 just to see what the changes are between the 2012 and 2018 catalogs. There are a lot of changes, with about half up and about half down. Most are in the range of 10% or less. The only big change up was with #12, with a huge climb there for a used example with a postmark (not a pen cancellation).

    If you are only interested in issues up to and through 1940, I do have a 2018 Scott Classic that I was planning on listing for sale. When Scott came out with their 2019 Classic catalog last year, they stated that there were many pricing changes in the Germany issues, especially for NH examples. Since I have oodles of them to list, I thought that it might to be good to get the latest pricing on those (especially if the prices went up). I haven't checked to date if price rises in this case were the rule.

    If you are interested in the 2018 Scott Classic catalog, state that you are in a reply and I will get it listed immediately. It is in excellent very lightly used condition. It lists issues for all countries from 1840 through 1940 (and Great Britain, Commonwealth and colonies to 1952). I had planned on listing it for $50. After the shipping (has to go by Priority Mail), PayPal and HipStamp fees I would clear about $28 - $29 for myself; a new 2019 edition sells for about $150 before any shipping charges are applied by the seller.
  • Hi Richard, thank you for your prompt reply. I am happy to buy the Classic catalog, the one I have is also a 2013. I take your offer. So how do we do that, let me know what I have to do.
  • If you are simply comparing your husband's selling prices with the catalog values, be advised that very very few stamps sell for anywhere near catalog value, with 20% of catalog value being a typical selling price.
  • Doris,

    I will post the catalog in my store sometime today. The link to my store is below at the end of this post. Just go to the category "Publications and Supplies" to find it. The only other items that I presently have listed under that category are some other older Scott catalogs. If you check my listings this evening, it should be there. If you will be paying by PayPal, just make payment and your new catalog will be on its way to you. If you prefer to pay by check or money order, you will need to be pre-approved for payment; for that you will need to click on the appropriate box on the store listing and have me approve this method of payment for you before you will be able to purchase the catalog by this method.

    As per Ted's comment, I start all of my listings on HipStamp at 30% of Scott as a starting point, but only for "perfect" stamps. If they have any defects, such as poor centering, perforation issues, pencil marks on the back, stains, tears, toning, creases, etc, that price is then reduced by 50% for each noted defect. So some stamps can quickly be reduced to very low prices. But the low priced stamps seem to sell very well. It is the high priced "perfect" stamps that languish unsold month after month.

  • Richard
    Yes you are so right I have lots of high priced stamps, some of them listed, but haven't sold any of them yet.
    I will go and check out your store now.
  • Doris,

    You purchased the Scott 2016 Classic catalog. I just listed the Scott 2018 Classic catalog. If you really want the 2018 edition rather than the 2016 edition, let me know.

    Richard Pauls (okstamps)
  • I made a mistake, I rather have the 2018.
    Doris (philasource)
  • I will refund the PayPal payment for the 2016 catalog. The 2018 edition is listed and ready for purchase.
  • OK, thank you
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