Turn my store back on

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Heres a request..
Put all my listings, that were not sold, back in my store. 1000 listings. Not 9, but 1000. And one more request, could you tell me how my last customer bought all my stamps, when he only purchased about10 stamps.?
Hopefully you'll see this, seems like the email thing takes to long, must be the cod weather over there.


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  • 9 to 5ers, Mon to Fri, you know, real internet hours!
  • Hi Lee,

    It looks like you had recently canceled your store subscription, and then re-started your store subscription. When you cancel your store subscription, all of your active listings will be closed. If you re-start your store subscription, you would then need to relist any items you want listed, which you can do from the Members Area > Selling > Listings > Closed/Sold section. I've gone ahead and done this for you, so you should see the 1,000 items in question you are referring to.

    With regards to a customer having purchased all of your stamps, there does not appear to be any such order. The listings in question were simply closed when your store was closed.
  • Thank you Mark.
  • Yes Lee, there's no need to close your store during your non working hours! :) :) :)
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