US Zeppelins

Nice set with plate numbers. I didn't realize mint sets are only going for about 1000 and used 750.
I paid more for my set 20 years ago.


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  • That is my listing, I came across this post by accident browsing forums. Scott 2018 Specialized Catlogue lists all three Zepplins MNH at $1,750. I know most sets of MNH all three without plate numbers are selling for 1,200 - 1,300, based on observations. But what you say is true, I think the decrease in value / catalogue prices seems to be occurring across the board in stamp collecting in general. Scott catalog has made it a point to emphasis the general downward trend in prices. I should check the Scott 2019 catalog if / when available and see what the set is listing at now.
  • Ronald, incredible set. The Zeppelin story is fascinating even with the volatile pricing over the years.
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