Got to Love Some Buyers

Here's a message I received following a recent sale:

"Please use airmail. Please do not make customs declaration or use registered post. Thankyou "


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    ...and the following statement is contained in my terms and conditions:

    "Parcel rates for shipments outside the United States are per the Universal Postal Union. Customs forms are used on all shipments outside the United States."

    Without a customs form on the package, the post office won't even accept the mail piece.
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    Of course, comments like what I received have to make one give cause to reflect as to the ulterior motive(s) of such a person. First, honesty comes into question. The lack of a customs form most likely is an attempt to avoid paying required duties and taxes, but it also removes tracking of the parcel, which puts me (the seller) at risk.

    I sure would like to block buyers like this.
  • I think we ALL would like to be able to block buyers like this. In past experience they usually order and pay first, then request the :no customs form, then give you a negative when you tell them you won't do that.

    Then you have to go through the process of getting the negative removed. And in one case I had the same customer do this drill 3 times in succession..... why I do not bother with international sales anymore,
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    Michael, I don't think your terms and conditions could be any clearer.
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    The buyer has replied that he can't afford to pay the taxes on the shipment (it is a larger order), and has requested the order be canceled and a refund issued. I have notified HS management. Hopefully this jackass will be kicked off the site so no other sellers will have to deal with him.

    - Andrew: thank you

    - Carol, I have been considering telling foreign buyers to "stuff it", but I know that there are many more good people out there than people like this who have no moral values regarding asking someone to violate the law so that they too can violate the law. Of course if the package was to get confiscated, the buyer will file a complaint with PayPal that he never got the package and I'll be out the stamps and money. The past several international sales I have had have resulted in buyers complaining to me about the postage rates, and now the taxes that they have to pay. Their taxes are NOT my problem. To me, this buyer is a thief.

    I will seriously consider closing down (again) all international sales from my store. If I do, I will never sell internationally again, which used to account for 1/3 of all my sales. If I do continue international sales, I think I will charge a shipping fee of $100. That is designed to dissuade people outside the US from buying from me, but I will offer it to those who really want to buy from me.
  • Thank God, Indian Customs & Excise recognize STAMP COLLECTING as a hobby
    and grant an exemption from duty if your consignment is under I.Rs.5000 [ $ 70 ? ].

    All the consignor needs to do is mark the parcel as:

    ITEMS COVERED & EXEMPT FROM DUTY under I.C.&E .Tariff Head # 97040020
  • Stamps are to me the windows to the past.
    I can better understand all colonial history thus, myself.
    This is who we've been.
  • I love the art of propaganda as well as the etcher's hand.
  • #FRANK
    In India, stamps are issued for CURRENT events / topics as well...[ visit my page ]
    ALSO, wasted on commemorating myriad LOCAL HEROES / personalities whom
    very few people know even in our country.

    Recently, someone in the hierarchy decided to limit the print quantity of each issue to
    3 million directly from 30 million that was the norm.
    They have come back to 5m/6m but that too is a very small quantity, i reckon.

  • #Michael Generali
    A few bad fish contaminate the entire pond - Old Proverb
    Unfortunately, our hobby suffers from the same phenomenon.

    In one of my online forays, i specifically mention this as such:

    Please DO NOT BID unless you AGREE with ( my ) CONDITIONS
    4 years @ Listia, have FORCED ME to join the grouchy LISTIANS* who block at the drop
    of a hat ;-) BUT, i promise to be discreet.

    A refund bundled with "Contact Disabled" is reserved EXCLUSIVELY for the clever, black
    sheep members [ ^^ 5 till date ] who try to exploit the system.
    Don't like to but do i have any choice left ?.

    Do not worry - I will not "name you to shame you" L-0-L

    ANOTHER LINE i add is:

    Bidders are requested to introspect BEFORE bidding. PLEASE !

    I leave the bad eggs in no doubt that if they misbehave again, they CAN BE unmasked.

    Fortunately, this has stemmed the cases of cheating & larceny...
  • Hooray I just blacklisted one ebay.His stamps got returned,wrong address so I sent an email to him & an hour later he put a claim in for refund,I was dumb enough to repost & because I am in New Zealand can take a week or more to get to the USA.He was refunded a few days ago,as usual,ebay always sides with the buyer,do not know about Hip have had no claims yet I think Hip must have a more honest lot.
  • Michael, Please use airmail? Wow. Now if I buy from you can you please send it via steamship as I collect ship covers? Who would make such a stupid request in the 21st century Lol.

  • Or how about : " Could you please attach my stamps to the outside of envelop and just charge me for letter rate and so I can avoid customs/vat fees? Colorful postage would be appreciated."
  • That is bad ass funny!
  • Sellers should indicate " all foreign orders must have customs forms" I still buy from a few sellers abroad. I have ofer 1100 purchases on Hip, failed to receive I think 5. Not bad. My beef is spending my limited valuable time scanning listings, make a purchase and the seller sees I have purchased a price error, immediately refunds me as previously sold. That is shoddy dealing.
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