Print Invoice Button has stopped working....

The Print Invoice button has stopped working for me. I can still print by using the right-hand mouse button and the little drop-down menu, but that gives me a printed sheet with all the side column stuff.

This may not be a Hipstamp fault as I've just had a failed Windows Update. But, the only place I seem to be having a printing problem is the Hipstamp Invoice page.


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  • Do you use FireFox? every time a new version of Firefox comes out (seems like every hour on the hour), it throws off the printer setting for this (and other) sites. At least that's what I have found. The last invoice I printed from here, it printed out in a size 0.0000000001 font size (that's microscopic). I had to go into my printer settings and zoom the print size to 200% to make the invoice print out correctly.
  • No, I'm using Opera. HP Envy Desktop with Windows 10 and an Epson WF-3620.

    All stuff I probably should have posted.
  • I use an Epson WF-3720. So, you may want to check those settings anyway as both printers are very similar.
  • I just tried to print an invoice off the web site, and it did not work as the OP stated.

    I went to print using my browser (FireFox). As the OP stated, the right screen column appears. Here's a workaround to use the get rid of the right page column until they fix this problem. Set your scale to 125%. That will remove the right column text. Also, check your pages as my last page was just the PayPal advertisements, etc. with nothing to do regarding the order. I just printed all the pages except the last one. I also cut off the top of each page on the invoice as it contained a URL.

    Try it maybe it'll help in the short term.
  • Use another browser for printing HipStamp-invoices (as I do).
  • Well, it seems that FireFox has sent along its update of the day (again...), and the print function doesn't work well (again) across various web sites. Of course the websites will catch up to the latest iteration of FireFox (there are more versions of Firefox than stamps issued by Guyana, it seems).

    I sent feedback to FireFox telling them that I am tired of this,and the waste of time, paper and ink trying to print out documents from websites every time they throw out another browser update. I am using Chrome now, and printing works great.
  • Printing is possible again after update to FireFox 66.
  • My Print Money button doesn't work. :neutral:
  • If I can get my Print Money button to work, would you like to buy some?
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