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I've been a seller and a buyer on this site for a long time (since BidStart). There are a few things that I think would improve the site. First off, sellers in the members' group should have a button to immediately access their store, rather than to go through the search function on the menu bar. I find waiting for three pages to load is an irritation. Second, there should be a filter in place to see your feed backs as buyer or seller, rather than to see all of them at once. This would also improve buyer confidence if they could see your feedbacks as a dealer, rather than having to scroll through all of them. Any thoughts?


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  • I agree on a link for the selling area. I just went and had to revise a few listings that imported from eBay to clear up the junk and it was a pain to have to do all of the clicks just to get back to the items I am selling to do more revisions.
  • Hi Robert, that button to your store is on the bottom right of the main HipStamp page.
    Regarding feedbacks, that wish is there also. When you view the feedbacks it defaults to showing all feedbacks on the All Ratings tab. There are also tabs to click on: From Buyers, From Sellers, Left For Others.
  • This is probably flogging a dead horse, but a blocked bidders list would be nice. I only have a few people that I would put on it but it would save me a lot of time dealing with buyers who never receive their stamps despite me mailing them.
    I liked the Bidstart listing form more than the Hipstamp form and would love to see it return.
  • One can also place bookmark buttons on your browser for the pages you access most frequently. You can also put direct page links on your phone. I have one home screen of my phone dedicated to stamp links, 3 of them being for HipStamp: one for the forum, one to my Sold Orders page, and one to New Listings.
  • @Rod Tilyard - thanks for posting those images. I knew about the feedback filters, but hadn't seen the "View My Store" button at the bottom of the page. That'll save me some time.
  • It is a huge irritation when we cant find the sellers return or refund policy, exchange information. Especially if seller sends wrong item!
  • Go to any stamp listing, and click on the Shipping tab. As long as the dealer has filled out that information, you will see it there.
  • I looked on one of your listings Ted and in fact was the polish stamps...I could not find any tab with shipping on it...Can you steer us to where it is located on the page...We newbies have to learn somehow...Thanks OIO
  • When you are looking at an item, there is a line at the top. One of them says "Shipping".
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