Scott's 156e franklin one cent or not? I believe it is with grill??


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  • Hello I'm Robert. I'm new here and would like ure guys input on what I believe is the scares 156e Franklin one cent. Some collectors believe it was an experiment. When Continental was took over by National they used soft paper. And I know there are a few examples the was printed with hard paper and with grill. And it has the secret mark. So if anyone has any information I would love to hear from you. There really isn't much information about the stamp. It's like it exists but don't. Thanks
  • First off I do not see any signs of a grill on any of the stamps you have here I don’t see the secret Marks’s on any of these stamps I think that they are Scott# 206 which runs about $1 for a good used copy.
  • In addition, the 156e is not known in used condition, from what I understand.
  • If it was a # 206 it would be a usage before it was issued in August of '81 but it also does not have the shading in the upper arabesques that is on the # 206.
    It is either a # 156 or a number # 182 and because of the date is considered to be # 182.
    Any grills that were put onto the Continental printings were very strong and break through the paper many times. Also the ABN issues had a very faint secret mark and makes it extremely difficult to find with out looking very closely with a high power magnifier especially with the cancel in the way.
  • i just received an e-Mail from New York City based Cherrystone Stamp Auctions. It announces the Prices Realized from a recent Sale of Rarities The 'New Amsterdam Collection'. Highlighted were some Grills.
    15c Z. Grill (85F)
    Sold for $1,610,000
    10c Z. Grill (85D)
    Sold for $1,150,000
    30c Orange A. Grill
    Sold for $172,500
    3c B. Grill (82)
    Sold for $661,250
    More info on their website.. Just thought this may be of interest to some team-mates. Dan
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