Now it happened!

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After selling more than 48.000 items since 2006 here on all the different platforms (Stampwants a.s.o.) and receiving more than 36.000 positive feedbacks (= 75%) I got my first NEGATIVE. The buyer left me no chance to solve the "problem". I say: Thank you!


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  • I know your first one has to hurt, but on the good side the buyer could have left you four negatives. At least they took the time to provide separate feedback. My experience has been they have one "bad" stamp in a multi stamp order and they post it to all stamps in the order. The one I "liked" was neutral feedback for multiple stamps that said "great stamps, fast service." I guess I "forgot" to put in a "bonus" stamp. By the way, the stamp looked good in your scan. Don't worry, it won't hurt your sales. Your good reputation speaks for itself.
  • Franz

    I know the feeling. While I don't have nearly the level of sales that you do, I received my first (and only) negative a while back for something that truly was my fault, but that I made "right" with the buyer. I commented then that I wished there was a way to provide a rebuttal to the feedback.

  • I got mine way back in the StampWants days. It sucked, and the buyer wouldn't let me try to figure it out. He just nailed me with it. It didn't arrive quick enough for him, so he filed for refund, etc. It showed up a few days later. His PayPal claim was denied, and I blocked him.
  • Welcome to the club! I got 97 neutrals because one 25 cents stamp was not the one in the picture!
    No worth the high blood pressure. Oh, and no blocking available!
  • The one time I got a negative, the buyer denied having bought the stamp. (I think maybe he clicked by accident or had dementia or something. He didn't even ask for a refund.) I brought it to the attention of the admins, and they removed the negative from my feedback. Might be worth asking...
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    What is the big fuss for receiving one negative feedback for a stamp that wasn't described properly?
  • Hi All!

    Kitty here, I kind of feel like the negative feedback thing is sort of a right of passage in a cosmic sort of way, and yes I inhaled, oh sorry, I digress.

    I remember when David did his masters degree's, he lived and died by his 4.0 GPA, (kind of like I did as a seller who never got punched with a negative) until that one crushing B+ happened, he wasn't right for days, weeks, then it was over, did his ThD and that was it. We (I) got our first negative 03/11/2011 because I accidentally invoiced the customer twice, which in those days you did after a sale, you sent an invoice. (anyone remember those funny red #'s that showed up when you had a sale?) I clicked send twice, and no I didn't inhale that day Lol. He emailed me calling me a stupid B*&tch and then said he'd never buy from us again. ..........But he did, and now he's dead. Funny how that works.

    Ok that was my 2 cents worth

  • "he lived and died by his 4.0 GPA . . . until that one crushing B+ happened"
    I have a niece who was a straight A student in school , , , until that 1st report card with one B. You'd think her goldfish had died, the way she cried.

    "said he'd never buy from us again. ..........But he did, and now he's dead. Funny how that works."
    Yeah, karma's the mother of all _____es. LOL

    I remember my 1st negative. It was also an unreasonable one. I had told an overseas customer that delivery could take up to 6 weeks. Well, 6 weeks to the day, after the sale, when his order hadn't been delivered, he dinged me. The next day he notified me it was delivered. I emailed him, asking why he had to be so quick on the draw with his feedback. He said, "I didn't know it mattered." Whaaaat?
  • I'm sure it would have mattered to him had you left him negative feedback.

    You just have to remember that in this hobby, there are tons of old people with dementia, OCD, altsheimers, delusions, hallucinations, who are manipulative, controlling and simply have anti-social attitudes that they've had all their lives from shunning/hating people. All of their behaviors get worse as they age.
  • Well, thank God we're not part of that group, Michael. I wouldn't know what to do if I............ummmm..........forgot what I was going to say....... Maybe it'll come to me later................ Enjoy your weekend. Tomorrow is Saturday, is it not? Where's that damn phone when I need to check and see what day it is...........
  • LOL. I'll be attending a model railroad show this weekend. I'll hopefully be selling plenty of stuff. Model railroad sales are much better than stamps. Also, model railroaders are much nicer than many stamp collectors. I surmise that is because model railroading is more of an open hobby rather than stamps where many stamp collectors prefer to sit in closets looking at their pieces of paper and rarely see other people. When they do see or communicate with others, they don't know what to do. Hermits have very few social graces.
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    Michael that's cool, ironically the railroad stamp collectors I've met are some of the nicest around. Maybe the topical collectors are a happier bunch.
  • Railroad stamp collectors are often model railroaders too.
  • You guys are a riot!!! That's why I read more than I post, I'm not very funny, but you guys are! I just of late began collecting Space covers, hope that crowd is as jovial as the Railroad folks. It's my first foray into a topical collection. Have a happy!
  • David, I don't know about joviality, but collectors of the space topical are a bit on the spacey side. Must be the lack of oxygen.
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