Is Anyone having Image Issues?

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I'm using both Firefox and Chrome. No Images are loading on both Browsers. Please see the attached image.


Funny, I can't see the image in the preview to verify it is correct.


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  • Hey Bob,
    I was filling an order and when I clicked on Shipped order the system came up with a very strange looking screen and had me sign in again. So I did and all seems to be okay, but I've not been loading images. Maybe there was a hiccup????
  • Same here Robert
  • I bulk listed 20 items, 30 minutes later still no listings showing, doers it really take that long ? so I tried listing one item and that didn't show either plus I got the image symbol like you were getting when I was about to list it
  • I'm having the same problem. Even in email (Favorite Store(s) - New Listings Notification) Cant see the pictures.
  • I have a very similar problem. I can upload my csv file ok and the listings go through, but the images don't show up. Also, I am using a template that has a couple of start_time columns, and I am getting report with a status of "SUCCESS" but the Note column says "INFO: The start time was ignored, because it was invalid".;
    Has this been resolved? Kinda dumb question but has anybody submitted a help request?
  • I have a feeling that the image problem has to do with HipStamp migrating a lot of data to the Amazon servers.
    I noticed the other day when I went to upload images all of my previous images were gone. Although I didn't experience any problem, doesn't mean that for once in my life I got lucky.
    The start time ignored "error" cropped up once before and when I submitted a ticket it was resolved in a day or so.
    It is irritating, but not deadly.

    wc @ Aquila Associates
  • Just uploaded files and did bulk upload. Files did not look as they normally do in the image manager, and there were ultimately no images in the listing. It be broke!
  • Manual item listing also show an issue in the preview before actually listing a new item then the image is not there. If you go ahead and list the item and then look at the listing then the image is there.A software quark somewhere?
  • I'm wondering if the listing mechanism has lowered the maximum scanned image file size. A while back my images worked fine on listings but were too large to post in these forums. Then II experienced a time when the images wouldn't show in the final view before posting. An email to support brought a reply that a minor glitch happened and to try listing again, and it was back to normal. I'm about to list some more and will post if I, too, have a problem.
  • My images are less than 60k, so I hope they are not trying to make them much less than that.
  • Heck, i go up to 300k or more on some. Maybe I'm the cause of everybody's problem!!
  • I post items individually. When I was posting yesterday (4/6) I was able to see my images on Page 1 (Create Listing: Select Category: Listing Details) of the sequence, but not on Page 4 (Create Listing: Listing Setup Fees: Listing Preview). Just tried it again today with the same result. Images show up correctly in the store, however.
  • Doug: That is the same as I reported yesterday, no response from HipStamp to this issue
  • If anyone was having any issues with using the Image Manager in the Bulk Lister, please try again now, and let us know if you are still having any issues.
  • Mark, I just tried to bulk list and the images are not showing when I upload the file.
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    Well I took a chance and listed even though on the bulk lister I couldn't see the image like before. And I'm happy to report all listed just fine. But I'd still like to see the image in the "Image Manager".

    Oh, and on the report, I did get the message "INFO: The start time was ignored, because it was invalid.;". Not sure what that means but all were listed correctly.
  • The site is now unusable for me. I cannot see any images to either buy or sell. What is the issue?
  • I still have to manually upload the image for each listing. They show up in the image manager but not in the actual listing.
  • Did the location for the images change? I did a right click on an image I could not see and clicked on Page Info and it is showing the image on a google server. This may be the reason I cannot access my images while at work due to proxy settings. Haven't tried from home because I mainly log in during lunch which is when I create most of my listings.
  • Robert - That's a valid image URL for images on HipStamp. If you're blocking that domain name, yes, that would be an issue. We have been using this domain, along with the HipStamp domain itself, for images, for a few months.
  • James - If you are still having any issues, please use the Contact Us link at the bottom of the page, and our team will help to resolve any issues you are having.
  • Ok... This just started about a week ago.
  • I just uploaded a bulk lister file of 70 lines and it ran through ok. The image manager is not showing miniatures of the images after they are loaded but you can open the image files generic icon and see the image is there. The layout of the image manager screen is also slightly different than I remember it? The listings processed OK and show up normally in my store.
    I see the same error as Luree in the report "INFO: The start time was ignored, because it was invalid" This has been fixed in the past and appears to be back.
    The report list has been cleaned out and only shows today's report instead of the last 8 reports.
    Obviously someone has been "fixing" this feature!
  • Mike, I did notice the color in image manager changed to green from the blue it used to be and all my past reports were missing and only todays report was listed, so something is happening. There is also another button in the image manager, PLACES and HOME. I don't know what places is all about.
  • Reporting that my issues appears resolved as well. Many thanks!
  • I'm a little tardty, but everything is working 100% now! My confidence level is still high, I just knew it would take a little time. The image manager is a little different, but on first appearance it looks like you can do more with it, easier. The smaller generic icon with filename works better for just seeing your list of uploaded items, things are still sorted by cat # but the smaller icons mean more visible at a time and makes for smoother scrolling.
    Enough of this, I'm going to BUY something!!
  • "Is Anyone having Image Issues?" Only when I look in the mirror.
  • Ron, I have been thinking along those lines ever since this thread first appeared. I was thinking that every time my wife takes a picture of me I look older. I don't know if it is a problem with the camera or my wife!
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