I Have Had Enough - International

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That's correct. I have had enough with responding and justifying to people outside the United States who complain that my international shipping fees are too high, because other sellers only charge a dollar or two and send their stamps letter, not parcel, rate.

The postal rules say that ALL merchandise MUST be sent using a package service, and must include a customs form. Evidently people outside the US don't care about the rules as they don't want customs forms on the mailpiece either, because they don't want to pay taxes that their country imposes. That's called smuggling. Of course if their order gets confiscated at their border, they'll scream to me that they want a refund.

No more! Until the matter with postal rates gets cleared up to my satisfaction, or HipStamp management requires all sellers to comply with postal regulations to make it an even playing field for all sellers who abide by the rules, I will no longer sell to anyone outside the United States.


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  • I agree with you 100% Michael, that's why i stopped all sales outside U.S. over 8 months ago if not longer.
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    I hung on because I wanted to offer people living outside the US the option to purchase stamps that they wanted from me. I get one or two messages a week from people outside the US who complain about international shipping, and don't have one clue (they obviously don't read the Forums) about this.

    For those who do buy, without reading my shipping terms, I get a nasty message, and then they pay. When they receive their order and see the $15, $20 paid in postage, they respond back that such costs are crazy. I do agree with them on that point, but it is more a pain in the rear end and a waste of my time to have to justify myself every time I sell or get an inquiry from someone outside the US.

    Before the change in the rules, my international sales were about 1/3 of my sales. They have been next to nothing now anyway, so I'm not losing any more than I had since the changes went into effect. At least now I won't have to answer the emails about this any more.
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    Not worth the time spent.
  • I've ended international sales also.
  • I ended international sales some time ago...
  • My ebay buyers have been paying for expensive tracked international postage for years. I suppose on that site they pay it to get buyer protection?

    When I first started selling here, after reading these forums I soon discovered that Hipstamp buyers don't like paying for expensive postage/shipping. So on this site I send orders using un-tracked postage.
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    PayPal also provides buyer protection. The purchase doesn't have to have been made on Ebay.
  • I stopped international sales three years ago. Too much trouble. Life is too short to spend the added time doing international sales and taking the added risks.
  • Hi all

    Just as a matter of interest, is this working the other way round too ?
    I have now sent two packages to USA with a post office printed customs declaration and the correct UK postage appended, but these have not been received. Have not had any gone a stray for years on all my other sites and not having issues with other countries?

    Just curious please

  • How do I cancel international orders, not saying this right. How do I amend my shipping to not ship outside the US? I have been goofing around on the site, in the shipping etc for an hour now as I just ate my last "didn't get my order" sandwich. Every time I try to amend this in the shipping page and save it just continues to show that I ship internationally for $3.50
  • Never mind all, customer support nailed it for me, but thanks!
  • Well George - "I'm mad as hell, and I'm not going to take this anymore" is exactly what we in the UK are yelling at the moment about Brexit!
  • Tania, I heard GB was planning to put out a stamp commemorating Brexit....but were unable to agree on what it would look like and when to release it.
  • Spot-on
    Although it's not the people but the politicians not doing the peoples will. look out at election time!

    Just an overprint of the 2015 GB Comedy Greats Issue is required!
  • Now I remember why I closed my shop on this site.
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  • LOL I know what the Brexit stamp looks like - It's in tatters

    It obviously has no perforations - or they would separate much more easily

    It must be self adhesive as it sticks to anything

    Must admit I cannot decipher the phosphor used - it looks like a bright red - or is that we Brits embarrassment ?

    Our politicians could not organise a round of drinks in a brewery

    Does anyone have a contact telephone number for Guy Fawkes ?


  • I got this message today... Just shake my head and laugh...

    I had already read what you wrote on Hipstamp but I wanted to know if you had the shamelessness to confirm your lies.
    1. ALL can read the rates of Canada Post. If you do not know them, read the link below
    2- Few weeks ago I received letter containing 100 stamps from Canada by my exchanger Rein Hanisch. I enclose below the scans. The letter has a postage of CAD 2.53.
    It remains a mistery the reason you ask USD 8.00!!
    Dear sir, I am a 72 y.o. man who collects stamps from more than 60 years.
    I buy and I also sell stamps on many sites on Internet from more than 15 years.
    I received dozens of letters from Canada, perhaps hundreds.
    I never met sellers who ask so high cost, as you ask, of the shipping for a normal letter from Canada to Italy.
    So, I think you write a lot of talking.
    There can be only an explanation about it: perhaps I met a very avid person or a person who thinks people are stupid.
    Surely it can happen some of your buyers paid such sum, surely they didn't read the cost of the shipping BEFORE.
    I met in my life whatever sort of sellers. I must say some of them were really pathetic, some other really obtuse and irritating.
    I had put about 150 stamps in the cart for a high total of money, though I see many of your prices are ridicolous for a real expert of philately.
    I lost my time, patience!! I'll spend my money elsewhere with other more serious sellers.
    I have large number of contacts and I'll write about you.
    Good luck (with other buyers)!
  • 72, probably has dementia, and is a miserable person who is totally immersed in himself and out of touch with reality. I have said it before, I believe there are more mean, miserable people in the stamp collecting hobby than any other.
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    He has 104 negatives. He keeps referring to Canadian Rates... I told him I'm in the US.
  • Sorry chaps - we in the UK have had buyers complaining about high tracked international postage costs for decades!
  • I guess this particular Canadian hasn't had his pay pal account raided for refunds on items "not received".

    See Michael I told you these guys are out there. But of course all of us Americans are stupid and everyone else is , well everyone else Lol.
  • There are indeed some mean and miserable people, but there are also some of the friendliest in the world. Stamp collecting and clubs foster some of the best friendships in the world
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    His email seems malicious, easy fix don't ship to Italy. If he buys his stamps locally he will likely have to pay multiples on the price if he can even find them.
  • Hi guys...I am new here and have only joined about 10 minutes ago... I am 62 years old and have been collecting since i was 8...Originally from australia but now live in the USA.... Speaking to the USA people here, please dont complain about the shipping costs until you have worked with the aussie post office.... Not only they are not reliable but they dont take care on peoples packages .... I place on my packages, " PHOTOS, PLEASE DONT BEND " ...That saves theft because if i placed philatelic material, please don't bend, i would guarantee it would be stolen....Experience speaking here over my years of collecting....I cannot place the front of a package i sent today in here as it has the buyers adress but i can place the back...it is a priority paid envelope and as you will see it is flooded with stamps... It was not appreciated ( and the guy was a philatelist ) ...Does that happen in here as well??img
    src="https://www.hipstamp.com/forums/uploads/imageupload/184/3HQ2VLK6UQLK.jpg" alt="brypkg Rev" title="brypkg Rev"/>
    Has anyone else had experience like this??? The USPS has just had a price rise to $4.06 to send a normal packaged envelope with cardboard over the ounce but i still charge my old price of $3.85...I add tracking with all packages...Is that welcomed in this site before i start listing items for sale?? Also do i have to have a shop or can i just list on the site like ebay let people do...Regards OIO
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    You must have a store subscription to sell here.

    We are not complaining about the USA postage rates. we are complaining about the imposition of those rates upon the USA by the Universal Postal Union.

    If you send postage stamps through international mail, and you state that there are photos inside, and you do not use a customs form, then you have misdeclared the contents, which is against the law. What you write on the envelope for domestic delivery, that's up to you, unless you include insurance on your parcel, or send the package by registered mail. It appears from the conversations that have occurred here regarding the international shipping requirements, that many "honest" sellers here are all right with violating the law.

    You are incorrect regarding the postage rates for a first class parcel. The US domestic postage for a first class parcel weighing not over 4 ounces varies from $3.66 to $4.06, depending on the zone to which the parcel is shipped. If you are charging $3.85 for first class parcel shipping, then you are losing money on your sales after you figure in all of the fees and expenses associated with selling.

    Buyers grumble when you use stamps for postage that they don't want (they don't pay for the stamps by the way). Some complain when you do use stamps. Don't waste time trying to figure it out.
  • Hi Michael... I am wondering why buyers grumble when using stamps for postage on packages...In my early days as a kid , i loved getting a package smothered with stamps plus my order from my stamp club i joined which was advertised at the back of a comic book..I guess they were like Mystic in the USA but i was in Australia at that time ( 1960's ).... I had to laugh at your comment when you added the words " THAT THEY DONT WANT " ...What would they prefer??..A useless pre printed sticker??... Going by my assumption , you Michael are not a kid and have gone through the MNH ( or as i say MUH , mint unhinged ) craze like i did in the 1970's ..Another thing Michael, how do sellers know what buyers want on their package . Sellers are not telepathic...lol .. Buyers should be grateful that people like you and i use stamps and they can place them in their collection... I guess some people are not happy. with what ever they get ... When i sell a card, stamp , postcard or even a coin, i make up the envelope and smother the back with old unused stamps i dont want...Majority of the time i use the ones that have been mounted or hinged from years ago in old collections i buy at my stamp club in ohio or simply my doubles.I also attend stamp shows and seek out the uncancelled stamps with gum that have bad backings like hinges or marks in the gum or simply off centered just for usage on packages.. Just before getting on here i made up a package to send out today...I cant show the front as it has the buyers address and am respecting his or her privacy. I am sure you would understand that. The pic will be attached but only the reverse....Michael, what about on an international package placing PHILATELIC MATERIAL, PLEASE DO NOT BEND?? They can hardly speak english to start with let alone 2 words ( seldom used ) with 4 syllabols each..lol..I have also been guilty of using plate blocks on packages because the center perf has started to run and a plate block collector would not want that... I know as i am one...lol..Coins medals and medallions are easily sent in an envelope with the width of less than 1/4 inch and can have no bump in the center of the package. Personally with me buying all the stuff at the stamp shows , the discount i get from dealers in there counteract the fees paid to these sites and i am on a win win situation. However i am not afraid to outlay the money as i know the stamps will be used eventually with my family in Australia and Arizona...Those dealers at the shows get rid of their junk, i get the stamps at a small discounted price and the buyer gets stamps on their package instead of pre printed stickers...Unlike most in here , i will send international but it has to be by USPS global priority mail only...if buyers dont want that, then they can buy a plane ticket and fly to cleveland ohio pick the items up personally and fly home and i am sure that will cost more than $37.00 or so ( lil joke there ). Personally i think they are better of with priority mail as its cheaper plus they will get more stamps on the package than purchased.... Recently i had someone request something for a birthday present and wanted it in 2 days..I said the only way is express priority...The item cost $4.00 and the shipping was $25.50.Personally i would have let it have been a belated birthday gift and told the recipient and only paid $3.85 in shipping but i guess some people have more money than sense...They would have received the tracking number from me anyways. Last week i smothered stamps all over a package and it was just an envelope with cardboard for stiffness to make it not machinable. Pic enclosed . Personally like to use the big stamps like the 8c animals or the 10c USSR/USA 1978 space stamps as i can get rid of them easily on those large priority envelopes and medium priority boxes...I can go on but i dont want to bore you.... All i find is that do what you want to do to try and save money on the shipping and make sure the buyers get stamps on packages. I always scan the packages so the buyer knows what to expect in the mail as i send it to them from the website..Also the website has it on record what they should expect in the mail...If you want more examples of packages i send, i will be happy to send you a few pics in here directly to you...Remember that they wont have the side with the adress....OK...oz_in_ohio ( Hal ) Toms Pkg Cuyahoga Rev
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