I Have Had Enough - International

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That's correct. I have had enough with responding and justifying to people outside the United States who complain that my international shipping fees are too high, because other sellers only charge a dollar or two and send their stamps letter, not parcel, rate.

The postal rules say that ALL merchandise MUST be sent using a package service, and must include a customs form. Evidently people outside the US don't care about the rules as they don't want customs forms on the mailpiece either, because they don't want to pay taxes that their country imposes. That's called smuggling. Of course if their order gets confiscated at their border, they'll scream to me that they want a refund.

No more! Until the matter with postal rates gets cleared up to my satisfaction, or HipStamp management requires all sellers to comply with postal regulations to make it an even playing field for all sellers who abide by the rules, I will no longer sell to anyone outside the United States.


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  • I agree with you 100% Michael, that's why i stopped all sales outside U.S. over 8 months ago if not longer.
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    I hung on because I wanted to offer people living outside the US the option to purchase stamps that they wanted from me. I get one or two messages a week from people outside the US who complain about international shipping, and don't have one clue (they obviously don't read the Forums) about this.

    For those who do buy, without reading my shipping terms, I get a nasty message, and then they pay. When they receive their order and see the $15, $20 paid in postage, they respond back that such costs are crazy. I do agree with them on that point, but it is more a pain in the rear end and a waste of my time to have to justify myself every time I sell or get an inquiry from someone outside the US.

    Before the change in the rules, my international sales were about 1/3 of my sales. They have been next to nothing now anyway, so I'm not losing any more than I had since the changes went into effect. At least now I won't have to answer the emails about this any more.
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    Not worth the time spent.
  • I've ended international sales also.
  • I ended international sales some time ago...
  • My ebay buyers have been paying for expensive tracked international postage for years. I suppose on that site they pay it to get buyer protection?

    When I first started selling here, after reading these forums I soon discovered that Hipstamp buyers don't like paying for expensive postage/shipping. So on this site I send orders using un-tracked postage.
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    PayPal also provides buyer protection. The purchase doesn't have to have been made on Ebay.
  • I stopped international sales three years ago. Too much trouble. Life is too short to spend the added time doing international sales and taking the added risks.
  • Hi all

    Just as a matter of interest, is this working the other way round too ?
    I have now sent two packages to USA with a post office printed customs declaration and the correct UK postage appended, but these have not been received. Have not had any gone a stray for years on all my other sites and not having issues with other countries?

    Just curious please

  • How do I cancel international orders, not saying this right. How do I amend my shipping to not ship outside the US? I have been goofing around on the site, in the shipping etc for an hour now as I just ate my last "didn't get my order" sandwich. Every time I try to amend this in the shipping page and save it just continues to show that I ship internationally for $3.50
  • Never mind all, customer support nailed it for me, but thanks!
  • Well George - "I'm mad as hell, and I'm not going to take this anymore" is exactly what we in the UK are yelling at the moment about Brexit!
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