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Okay this isn't petty, but it is damn annoying. If you , in this case me do not have the best offer box checked it would probably mean I don't do best offers. That's like the local supermarket pricing chili cheese Frito's at $3.99 - or best offer, of course no one will want to pay $3.99. Way around that? Don't do best offers on chili cheese frito's. I have another customer again today sending me over 20 best offers on 25 cent stamps. Seriously? The best offer is 24 cents. Hmmm.
a whole cent?
Listen friends, and I'm using I statements here, I don't do best offers, I can't sell stamps for 7 cents, 15 cents etc. I don't look down on those who do but I'd have to sell boatloads of those to just pay the light bill. I'm as a full time dealer in stamps and coins not afraid of a retail number, I am consistently among the top sellers here, Justin tells me so,so why should I have a fire sale to move a stamp or two? If I'm patient, and I am they will sell. No need for the " well the real price is actually such and such % of Scott lecture, I've heard it before.

I had a best offer for Brazil #1, red cancel, 3rd printing. I was asking $445.00 for the stamp, the asker belittled the stamp, it's blah blah blah but I didn't budge. 45 days later a gal in Florida paid the full $445 freight on it. And my price was still $85 less than the same stamp with 3 margins on Ebay at the time and one in a Vance auction at the same time was over $1000! And mine had 4 full beautiful margins. The point, If the seller does not accept best offers don't ask. It's a pain in the ass to have to keep getting on just to decline the offer. Many people here would say I'm wildly overpriced, okay buy somewhere else. That's simple enough, we can still be friends, honest we can!

I'm not afraid of a retail number, ask the China expert down in Winter Park Florida to sell you Asia at 40% of Scott, I am friends with him, see how much Asia you walk away with, because he's a bad guy? No! He's a retailer, says so in his monthly ASDA column, just like me. How much of a discount do you really want on a $1.25 stamp anyway?

just thinking.



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    Kitty, if you don't want to deal with offers then you eliminate the option. Your store shows you have the option turned on so I don't get your post other than complaining. However, if you have higher prices than others
    on the site without offers you probably will not sell much. I think sellers should entertain reasonable offers and show they can negotiate. Haven't you read the Art of the Deal yet?
  • Well just checked and that offer button isn"t on. Maybe instead of being your own biggest fan here on the forums with all of your pearls of wisdom you might check to see if your info is actually correct. We never accepted best offers and who are you To lecture me on pricing? Or on how to run my business? This forum is a waste, go back to being your own biggest fan.
  • Kitty,

    When Andrew posted that it WAS ON at that time. (I saw it too on your items)
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    If you have the Best Offer feature turned on for a listing, the Best Offer button will be displayed, and a Buyer can submit an offer on the listing. If you have the Best Offer feature turned off for a listing, the Best Offer button will not be displayed, and a Buyer can not submit an offer. Keep in mind this setting is per each listing.

    So if you do not want to entertain any offers, all you need to do is ensure that the Best Offer feature is turned off for all of your listings. You can update all of your listings in bulk from the Members Area > Selling > Listings page.

    You would also want to review the Default Listing Settings you have set up in the Members Area > Selling > Seller Tools > Default Listing Settings page.
  • Kitty, thanks for the compliment, glad my reply helped you sort yourself out. Good day.
  • Well said Kitty. Love your work!
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