Need some help on these items . . . .

Just received these with a recent purchase of cut squares. I am not sure if they are albinos or not.
The one with the head appears to be a UK envelope albino. The other is a mystery and it may not even be
a postal item.CANT. BERN CS 2019 - 1
UK Blind


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  • Hi,
    Top item reads: Cant. (Canton Bern) in Switzerland, currency Rp. 10
    Bottom item shows head of United KIngdom`s King George VI

  • Probably embossed revenues
  • I'm no expert in this field (definitely!), but the George VI image looks like an Australian registered envelope I came across online. The stamp would be an embossed impression onto the front of the envelope in colour, but there would be a "ghost" impression on the back of the envelope too - this looks like the back inside of the cover after the front was torn off. The head is pointing the right way, too. From what I've seen, GB registered dies were circular, with the crown contained within the circular border. Australian dies seemed to have the crown above the king's head but inside the oval border, if that makes sense.
    G VI Australian Reg   Envelope
    (Thanks to for the image)
    Try Googling "Geroge VI registered envelopes". Hope this helps.
  • Or better still, "George VI..." Oops.
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