Great Britain #1771

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  • Who is 'System?' HipStamp? I'm not about to click on a link from an unknown entity for fear of malware.
  • Ditto! Good catch, George.
  • You can hover the mouse pointer over any link and see the actual URL for it in the status bar at the bottom of the browser. This one is from HipStamp, and the page it leads to looks like a test of the new Want List feature.
  • Why would the "System" post a want list hit in the Forums?
  • For the answer to that, you might want to direct-message System. :wink:
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    I did click 'System' at the top of the post (where our ID's are listed) and was taken to a page:
    "This is a system account and does not represent a real person."
  • This is actually related to the "old" Catalog System. When you leave a "review" for a specific Country / Catalog Number. It would post the review page of the Country / Catalog Number, and here in the forums (automatically). That's why this forum category was originally labeled "Stamp Reviews" However, the original function doesn't make too much sense / serve a purpose (in the forums anyway).
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