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I have an empty Scott album "The National Postage Stamp Album". It looks like the whole album, all the pages, are intact. It has been used in the past - there are a good bit of the clear mounts, which are probably fairly easy to remove, or just leave them in. The binding looks intact, shows a little wear. This album goes through 1988 and includes airmails, special delivery, revenues and other BOB items like duck stamps,
If anybody is interested let me know and I'll find out how much postage is required. I'll sell it for the postage needed. I'll make a few bucks since I'll be using discounted postage. It won't be much since I'll be paying the fees. I would like to hear some opinions as to whether I am wasting my time. If we can agree on a deal, I'll list it accordingly here on Hipstamp. I will do that because I'm using Hipstamp's. , services and they should get the fees involved.
Otherwise I'll try donating it to the library here, or any place else like a Goodwill store, and as a last choice recycling it. It should be of some use for somebody.


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  • You can send this by media mail as it is technically printed matter
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    No you can't send a Scott album as media mail. It does not qualify as media mail. You can only send the following items as media mail

    4.0 Content Standards for Media Mail
    4.1 Qualified Items
    Only these items may be mailed at the Media Mail prices:

    a.Books, including books issued to supplement other books, of at least eight printed pages, consisting wholly of reading matter or scholarly bibliography, or reading matter with incidental blank spaces for notations and containing no advertising matter other than incidental announcements of books. Advertising includes paid advertising and the publishers‘ own advertising in display, classified, or editorial style.
    b.16-millimeter or narrower width films, which must be positive prints in final form for viewing, and catalogs of such films of 24 pages or more (at least 22 of which are printed). Films and film catalogs sent to or from commercial theaters do not qualify for the Media Mail price.
    c.Printed music, whether in bound or sheet form.
    d.Printed objective test materials and their accessories used by or on behalf of educational institutions to test ability, aptitude, achievement, interests, and other mental and personal qualities with or without answers, test scores, or identifying information recorded thereon in writing or by mark.
    e.Sound recordings, including incidental announcements of recordings and guides or scripts prepared solely for use with such recordings. Video recordings and player piano rolls are classified as sound recordings.
    Playscripts and manuscripts for books, periodicals, and music.
    f.Printed educational reference charts designed to instruct or train individuals for improving or developing their capabilities. Each chart must be a single printed sheet of information designed for educational reference. The information on the chart, which may be printed on one or both sides of the sheet, must be conveyed primarily by graphs, diagrams, tables, or other nonnarrative matter. An educational reference chart is normally but not necessarily devoted to one subject. A chart on which the information is conveyed primarily by textual matter in a narrative form does not qualify as a printed educational reference chart for mailing at the Media Mail prices even if it includes graphs, diagrams, or tables. Examples of qualifying charts include maps produced primarily for educational reference, tables of mathematical or scientific equations, noun declensions or verb conjugations used in the study of languages, periodic table of elements, botanical or zoological tables, and other tables used in the study of science.
    g.Loose-leaf pages and their binders consisting of medical information for distribution to doctors, hospitals, medical schools, and medical students.
    h.Computer-readable media containing prerecorded information and guides or scripts prepared solely for use with such media.

    If that is sent via media and the PO inspects package they will charge the buyer postage due. (They can legally inspect and open media mail)
  • James,

    You should check to see if it can fit in a medium size flat rate priority box. A 2 post 3 " Scott binder will fit into a flat rate with some room to add padding.
  • Thanks Michael. Been on vacation, so I am just now getting into this. I made an assumption that this would be 10 lb and using Priority vs Media gives 14.95 vs 7.43, 20 lb box it is 14.95 vs 12.63 and at some point before 30 lb Media outprices priority. I probably can't pick up 30 lb anyway and most likely this album weighs < 10 lb, it is tempting to go with media, but looking thru my "office" for a suitable box, and the packing and taping, perhaps removing the old labels - is it worth it? I once attended a seminar on self-employment where the speaker said something like if you need to cut your grass, hire that out - your time is more valuable.
    Someone else wrote me and said that if I get no takers here, there is another place where it is likely to sell, so I do believe it can avoid the recycle bin. But it has to go.
  • James,

    I shipped quite a few of those myself. And what I found was on anything over 3 lbs going to any zones beyond 3 flat rate priority is the cheapest way to go. I have received too many packages that I had to pay postage due myself on. I have gotten to the point where if the seller only has the option for free standard mail on heavier items and another seller has the option of flat rate priority and the postage is extra, I will ALWAYS choose the seller that is sending them via flat rate priority because if the seller is in zones 7 and 8 it ALWAYS ends up costing me more in postage due than having the seller send it flat rate priority in the first place. (Because my PO is a small office they inspect all of the media mail)
  • I am looking for a 3 ring Scott national 3" binder. How much?
  • Hi William, I am sorry for the delay here - I was unaware that for some reason I am no longer getting notifications when somebody posts in a discussion I have started. This was an older type, 2 post. I think I have a bite on it.
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