30% off US, mostly late 19th century stamps / cut squares with fancy / geometric cancels plus covers

US 231 Columbian 2c full frame break 009

Some of this material has an interesting history and I tend to write lengthy descriptions for my listings.

Most listed 19th century stamps are common Scott 220, 230 and 231, but some are Scott-listed varieties. Many Scott U311 cut squares are listed here and several are the identified (and in one or two cases previously unidentified) varieties (unlisted by Scott). Some cut squares are over-sized and include identifiable post office names; others are huge and include most or all of the CDSs. Twentieth century stamps and covers are mostly odds and ends and represent a small part of this sale.

There are many geometric cancels on the 1890s items and a few fancy cancels. The post office of origin for each item is identified where it is known.

The many thousands of early 1890s off-paper stamps and cut squares were gathered in Union City, Indiana, near where I and earlier generations of my family grew up. Although mail was coming there from cities all over the country, much of the mail was from smaller cities and towns in Indiana, Ohio and Illinois. New York, New England and Pennsylvania post offices were fairly well represented as well. Read the item descriptions for more specific details.

In a sense, this Union City material is virgin. None of it has ever been in a stamp collection. Dad found this material in the 1960s; I inherited it in 2000. We believe it was either discarded by a descendant of the original accumulator or it was purchased in his estate sale and then discarded. Given the way the stamps and cut squares were packaged when Dad found them, they may have been intended for a stamp wholesaler or dealer, but never got that far. They were unknown to the public until about 17 years ago when I first sold 1-200 items from this accumulation.

Let me know if you have any questions.



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