Fort Dearborn and Federal Building Souvenir Sheets

What is the difference between the above souvenir sheets issued in 1933 and 1935. Scott #s 730, 731 and 766, 767. I have a set that is imperforate and ungummed . Don't know if they are 1933 0r 1935.


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  • Both sets were issued imperf and without gum. The #766 and #767 are from the Farley special printings. You can tell if the sheets are from the Farley printings by measuring the gutter between the stamps. On #766 and #767, the space between the stamps is 13mm.
  • For 766 and 767 from Scott - "Positive identification is by blocks or pairs showing wide gutters between stamps. These wide gutters measure, horizontally, 13mm.
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