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Philippines USED H Scott Cat. # 1426 ID: 26280277 was listed yesterday and is in listing inventory but not in my store inventory. I have 6 items like this. I first reported this 2 months ago and again 2 weeks ago. This has been going on now for over a year.

Mark! What the hell is going on? Why can't we fix this? Why is this bug taking so long to fix?


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  • The item you are referring to currently appears in your store:

    Were you specifically searching for it by country and catalog number?
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    Yes, it’s in my store now, was not when I posted this. What about listing showing 5 more then store inventory Mark? It was 6 until this one showed up.
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    What do you mean by "listing showing 5 more"? What are you referring to?
  • With all due respect Mark, I'm having the same problem as John. Currently, Aden Kathiri #28 listed at 9:38 is on the Listings page but not in the store as of 10:18. Now it might show up in an hour or two or NOT. So the seller is left in a quandary - do I re-list and possibly have two listings or do I spend my day looking/waiting for the item to show up?
  • Mark,

    If you look at the stores list,the number at the right shows the number of items in the store,click on the store link and some of the stores are showing a different number of items then what is showing on the store lists. For example my store shows 103,374 in that little box. Go into my store and it says I have 103,776, go under under the selling tab under members area and click on listings and it shows I have 103,777 listings. So I have 3 different numbers of listings at the moment depending on which list you are looking at.

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    Mark, under Selling click on Listings. The number showing is 5 higher than showing in Store. Click on View my Store.

    Just what Michael and Jeri said. Thanks J & M for your support on this.
  • Sorry Mark, store on vacation until Sunday. Going to NASCAR race tonight.
  • The number of listings per store, as listed in the Store Directory, is only updated once every few hours. So it will generally not be the exact same number as the actual number of items in your store.

    Jeri - is this the listing you're referring to? If not, please let me know the Listing ID number of the item you're referring to.

    When viewing the Members Area > Selling > Listings section, this will display the same items as are displayed within your Store page itself, with one notable exception.

    When you, or anyone else, view a store (or any other listings on HipStamp) you will only see the items which can be shipped to you, as set in the "Ships to" menu on the left-hand side of any store, or search results. If you're in the US, the default will be to show you all items which are in the current search results and can be shipped to the US. If an item does not currently have shipping available to the US, it won't show.

    However, when viewing the Members Area > Selling > Listings, this filter is not applied. So you, as the Seller, would see all of your listings, regardless of the shipping settings. So if you have, for example, 50,000 listings, and 1 or 2 listings do not currently have shipping set for the US, your Store would show 1 or 2 listings less than what is shown in the Members Area > Selling > Listings section. This would be the expected behavior.

    Michael/John, I will ask our team to review if there are any listings which you have, which currently do not have shipping set for the US, which would likely explain what you're seeing.
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    John - Just to note, in general, if you are going to be away for a day or two, and you want to place your Store on Vacation Mode, we recommend that you place your Store on Standard Vacation Mode, and not Extended Vacation Mode.

    With Standard Vacation Mode, a note is placed in your store and listings, which indicates to buyers that you will not be processing/shipping any orders until the specified date in which you return. In Extended Vacation Mode, your entire store and all of its inventory is temporarily removed from being searchable, and able to be purchased on HipStamp.

    This is not recommended in the short term, because there are several consequences to this action. For example, we pay to have all listings sponsored on Google, and other platforms. However, listings go through an approval process that may take a few weeks, and when they're not currently for sale, they need the be removed, and the process then starts over once they're active again.

    Of course, you can place your Store on Extended Vacation mode any time you would like, it is just not recommended for the above reasons over short amounts of time.
  • Mark, no the stamp is Aden Kathiri - ID: 26285787. I sent in a "Ticket" this morning as I had a separate issue, also.
  • Mark,

    What I am seeing is that the store directory showed 103,374 listings so that is showing the LOWEST number of the 3, and that's after hours of inactivity with no sales or listings being added. (I knew about the updating with adding the listings in bulk because the numbers would be way off at that point so it wasn't I was concerned about.) That's the one for me I am not sure what's happening.
  • The count displayed in the Members Area > Selling > Listings and within your Store itself should always be 100% accurate, taking into account the differences noted above.

    The counts within the Store Directory itself are estimates and only updated every few hours. In particular, if you have 50,000+ listings, you may at times see a discrepancy in this number from your actual total.
  • Why bother showing DIFFERENT counts to CONFUSE everybody??? Just show the "100% accurate" count in all instances.
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    When you view the Members Area > Selling > Listings section, and a specific Store, the item count will be 100% accurate (with the one difference noted above). This is because you're viewing a set of search results - which show all of the items available within that search, and what the total count is.

    Within the Store Directory, if we were to show the exact amount currently available at that exact second, in every store on the Store Directory page, we would need to run a search for every single store on the page - which would result in the Store Directory taking 30+ seconds to load. That's why we use an estimate that is updated every few hours per store.

    This is generally true for any Store Directory on any marketplace, and generally for the same reasons as noted here.
  • I'm interested in accuracy when looking at the count for a single store. Surely if I query the store directory (using the filter) for just a single store then an accurate count can be returned in that case. But it's not.
  • Mark, anything from your team yet on below?

    Michael/John, I will ask our team to review if there are any listings which you have, which currently do not have shipping set for the US, which would likely explain what you're seeing.
  • Hi John,

    There were a couple of such listings with regards to Michael's store, which have been resolved. Unfortunately, while your store was on extended vacation mode, our team was not able to look into this for you, but as your store is now open they can review this further.
  • Hi Mark

    Thank you for very fast response. Have a great day.
  • Hi Mark

    Job well done. Thanks to you and your staff.

  • Sorry Mark, but have a difference of two again. One is ID: 26411806 showing up in Listings but not in my store. It's been over 18 hours now. The other one not sure what ID is.
  • Now I have a difference of 3 ID: 26418915 not showing on Store Page.
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    Hi John,

    Our team had reviewed your account, and there were a few items from over 3 years ago, which had shipping issues, which prevented them from showing in your Store. We resolved the issues with these items.

    With regards to the two items you've noted above, they are both currently showing in your store. There is generally a small delay between when you create a new listing, and when it shows in your Store. In general, it's just a couple of minutes (or less) but could potentially take longer at times.
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    I think I know what the problem is, because i found a similar problem with some of my recent listings last week. I use the bulk lister, and, to be honest, figured out a workaround rather than try to contact support to address the underlying problem.

    But it's this:

    For the 2 listings you referenced, John, open up the listing and look under the 'details' tab. You'll see that the country is a number -- the category id number -- rather than the name of the country. That puts the listing in the right country category, but causes it to be omitted when you click on the name of the country on the left-hand side of your store.

    It seems to me there's something in the HS system that is failing to convert the country id to the country name. It used to work, because I used to provide the specific country id in all my bulk-uploaded listings, but the ones I've done for the past several weeks did not 'convert' to the country name. The workaround I found was to use the magic-country id of '0', and then it converted properly.

    (I did not report it because I didn't know if it was something that had changed that I didn't know about -- I had not listed in a long time until I started up again recently -- and I didn't want to go through any rigamarole in having to prove that I wasn't the one at fault. But now that I see the same problem with yours, I think it's a HS hiccup, and perhaps it can be easily addressed.)
  • I see them now. One of them took over 18 hours to show but no problem as long as they turn up.

    Thank You Mark
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    Mine never did, even after several weeks. So once I discovered the problem, I went back and edited them to fix the country number. ... It's good that you have HS Support looking over your listings for you.

    But I suspect it's not just your listings and mine. I would think this would be a bigger problem affecting other sellers, and so that's why I went to the trouble to describe the problem here. ....

    Again, I didn't realize I had a problem for several weeks, because the total store count was correct. It was only when I went back to look for my recently-listed Japan listings that I realized there was a problem when I tried to pull them up by country name and they weren't there, but they were when I looked at the whole store.
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    Having a similar issue today, ID # 26601779 shows up in sellers store listings but not in my store or if I search the site for scott # 1124. Three other listings posted after this one do show up, it has been about 5 hours since I listed the cover. .
    Should of added that these were manually added not via bulk edit
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