♒︎ #*@^#℥◼︎℔☁︎#@!!! Freeloaders!

Another non-particpant winner!

, you are generous to a fault!!



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  • I saw that …
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    I predict the next winner will have zero feedback (or maybe around 29634) AND be from Florida. :)
  • Good karma, the letters are FL. We shall see. ;)
  • Hey guys, be nice. There are a lot of nice people here in Florida (ME for instance). It's also a nice place to visit.
    Come on down to Palm Beach County, FL for a nice visit!
  • I would come visit but my buddies name is Chad
  • OH Ron, not all of us have that Chad problem. lol. Wayne if one of us wins Vickie, maybe we could split the stamp and then charge a silly amount of money for a 1/2 cent black!!!! Oh my feeling frisky tonight.
  • FL = Free Loader
  • Rod Rod Rod, No Free Loaders in Florida! Please tell me it isn't true
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    Of course not. :) ...just referring to the title of this post.

  • I got it, now! Too fun.
  • Am i a freeloader wanting to know how i can find out how much time is left in auctions i have listed???
  • If you had auctions listed, the time remaining would show in each listing.
    Regular store items do not show a time remaing, as they are all good til canceled.

  • I do have auctions listed but have only paid the $5 fee to try hipstamp out.... Personally i cannot find the time remaining on the page...Can you help???
  • On your store front page, click on the Auction button. No auction listings appear.

  • I have listings up there as i can see them.... Maybe if you click on listings you will see them... Maybe the word austion was not the correct word...Hal
  • Your store listings do not have an ending time. Well, okay, technically they do, but they renew automatically every 30 days. But, as a practical matter, they are Good til Canceled. As long as they are unsold, and you have not closed or deleted the listing, it will remain active.
  • But i will have to pay at the end of the month more money...correct??
    I have simply tried this site out...at present there are not many collectors and mostly look like investors....

  • Of course. You have to pay a monthly rent for your store, just as when you owned your brick and mortar store.
  • . . . at present there are not many collectors and mostly look like investors . . .

    What possible evidence do you have to support such an arrogant claim??

    And it would be nice to thank Ted for all the help he has given you rather than ignoring him.
  • Clearly these "investors" are buying tons of stamps on this site from those dealers who's prices aren't a fantasy and who haven't misidentified their offerings. If you don't like it here, perhaps starting your own website would be the answer...then see how much you enjoy the hosting fees for that.
  • Hal, you only joined less than a month ago. Sometimes it takes time for a business to kick in. If you can not spend the $5 each month for at least a year then maybe thinking a different avenue would be a good idea. There have been several sellers in your situation and have stuck it out and now they are seeing the returns. One can not expect a landslide business in a month or two.
  • Especially with a store inventory totalling 91 items.
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