Anyone else have no pictures

Went to fill some orders and no pictures. No pictures in my store either...Is this just me or evryone?


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  • I have the same problem. What is going on?
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    This needs to be resolved ASAP! How do you fill an order if you are pulling the order like a blind man?
    (Good thing for me on this order, all of the stamps are only single copies, but it is best to wait to verify my images to the stamps pulled... Better safe than sorry when it comes to someone's stamp order!).
  • When I look at other stores, no pictures there either.
  • I am stopped on my tracks! An order of 350 and no pictures!!!
    Going to barbecue and drink a nice Stella!
  • Also no pictures in the Fatdane's store. No pics at my postcard store as well.
  • Might be related to a GOOGLE outage...
  • All Hip sites seem to be lacking pictures. Feebay appears to be normal ( if such a thing is possible) but Shopify seems to be having problems and I can not get into my store there. My site at .com seems to be ok with all pics showing.
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    We are aware that many of our members, primarily in the northeast US & Canada, may be experiencing issues loading images on our site. We use Google Compute Engine for our web services, including image hosting, and unfortunately, at this time Google is experiencing a widespread outage primarily affecting people in the northeast US & Canada region.

    This issue is affecting many of Google's own sites, such as Google and YouTube, as well as many other major websites which rely on Google's services, as we do.

    Unfortunately, there is not much we can do at this time, but we hope that Google will have this issue resolved soon. You can follow their updates to this issue here:
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    Thank you very kindly Mark for your openness to this subject, and also by keeping us in the loop.

    Oh, BTW, Images just came back online (as did YouTube too).
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