My First Ever Store Sale

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From June 9, 2019 through June 16, 2019, save 20% off everything in my store.

Thanks for looking.


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  • Link does not seem to be working correctly for me.
    Takes me to your shop but nothing there.
  • I clicked on the link, and the store and its contents came up all right for me.

    You can go to the main page for stores, and search under my name. A link should appear that you can click on. See if that works.
  • Michael- I clicked on the link in your announcement and was taken to an empty store. I then searched on the name generali in the store search, and got a link to the Online Stamp Shop, which was again showing empty but on the right hand side was a box saying that you had 6025 stamps for sale, but when I clicked on it I again got the no matching items page. I clicked on your feedback and when I got to the feedback page I clicked on the link to your store and again got a no matching items message
  • Dennis, I know you're up in Canada, so I just double-checked: Michael doesn't sell out of the US. And I think I remember reading on here that HipStamp listings are not viewable in countries to which the seller does not ship.

    (Perhaps that explains the comment from David Peters as well?)
  • It would appear I cannot view because I live in Australia.
  • Perhaps that's the case. I maintain a US address so I can purchase from US only sellers and have things shipped to my US address.
  • In the case when a vendor does not ship to a country perhaps on the search results page there could be a simple message saying "this seller does not sell/ship to your country" for old geezers like me who forget a lot.
    It's ironic, to me anyways, that while there is an administration in Washington that moans and complains about trade deficits the same government makes it harder for US stamp dealers to sell/ship outside the US - And the Canadian Government is not any better.
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    I forgot about that too. Sorry for the inconvenience David and Dennis.

    FYI, it's not the government in Washington that is making it hard for US sellers to sell outside the USA. It's the Universal Postal Union at the insistence of primarily European countries that the US postage rates were not high enough. The UPU agreed, and the US had to jack up its postage rates for international shipping.

    This is what brought President Trump to declare that the US would be leaving the UPU and would establish international postage rates with each country, which every country has the right to do. A few other countries have declared that they are leaving the UPU as well. Canada is acting as an intermediary to try to knock some sense into the heads of those at the UPU. I don't know how those discussions have progressed.

    I certainly would like to sell internationally. I always had, and such sales were at least 25% of my total sales. I simply got tired of getting yelled at by those in other countries who did not like my high international shipping rates. It was an easy solution to simply drop international sales. While this has hurt my sales, I have not had to deal with irrational people from outside the US.
  • Dennis, do you have your US address as the shipping address? If so, I don't see why it won't let you see what's in my store.
  • Michael- I use my US address for shipments to me from the US, but for the rest of the world I use my Canadian address, unless Canada Post is having labour difficulties. If I had everything shipped to me at the US address that would mean all European & GB shipments would have 2 sets of Customs to go through.
    I think right now my default Paypal setting for shipping is my Fort Gratiot, Michigan address so it must be a Hip setting that I would have to change not a Paypal setting.
    Good luck with your sale,
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