Not TakenIs this a bug or what happened with this?

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This afternoon I clicked on the members area and I noticed that my account balance had gone up from an earlier invoice today from Hipstamp. I went in to my sold table and their is no new order. (I did get the notification of the earlier sale this morning) I went into my account details and it's showing an invoice for sold items this afternoon Sale Transaction Fee - Sale ID: #2239.
Invoice # 2477

I am showing 7 Russian items that were ended on 7/27/2016 at 13:20:58 and sold to Maro..... (I checked in Paypal and there is no payment for this order either)

So my question is is this a bug or is there a hold on this order at the moment?



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  • It's not a bug. It's an order that went to PayPal, but the buyer hasn't completed payment yet. If the buyer doesn't complete payment within a certain amount of time the order is cancelled, and the Final Value Fee is automatically refunded.
  • Will the closed items then be automatically opened again or will I have to relist them?
  • They're not really closed, just pending. If the sale does not complete they'll still be available to purchase (there's nothing to relist).
  • Thanks Mark,

    I have never seen it done that way before. Once I know what it is it helps.
  • Off hand do you know about how much time is given for the buyer to complete the purchase?
  • I believe it is currently 2 hours, but will be changed to 30 minutes eventually.
  • On the one I was asking on in this thread was already a few hours and now it's going beyond 50 hours and I still have no payment for the items,no order showing up in my sold table,I am still showing the charge for an order that has not shown up and the 7 Russian items are still in the closed table. (And on the closed items they do show a buyers user name and feedback)
  • I also have fees showing charged to my account but no recorded sales. I am guessing it is the same buyer as he asked me if I had any Russian items to sell. I am not able to tell what items are "pending" with PayPal. The fee charged to my account appears to be about the same date you mentioned.
  • I've checked, and both of these pending sales have now been automatically canceled, as well as the fees reversed. While this generally takes no longer than 2 hours, in some certain cases it can take longer. However, moving forward it should not take any longer than 2 hours again.
  • Thanks Mark,

  • Thanks Mark
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