Let us manage our carts better

I tend to use my cart as a watch list since I prefer the items sorted by seller (so I can see when I've found enough from a given seller to justify p&h).

This has an unfortunate side effect of giving me a steady stream of items in my cart with the red "Item no longer available, please delete" tags. The problem is that with the current implementation, the whole page has to reload after each item delete which makes this a rather tedious process.

It would be tremendously helpful if you gave us a "clear all unavailable items" button for our entire cart and/or a "delete all items from this seller" button. Thanks,



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  • And maybe a video how to clear your cart ....a demo-cart ....or is that getting too political?
  • I believe, if you just click the proceed to checkout button, it will clear all of the items no longer available for you (at least within the 10 carts on the specific page you're viewing).
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    Also, another simple way is to right click/Open in New Tab on each Delete Item button. Then, without even going to any of the newly opened tabs, right click on the tab of your shopping cart page and click on Close tabs to right. Refresh your shopping cart page and all the deleted items will be . . . well, deleted.
  • Mark, that is *FANTASTIC*, thank you!
    ....but you must admit it is also not at all intuitive :-)
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