Refunding for dummies!

I just expend over half an hour trying to claim a refund. No joke guys, I hate when something was VERY EASY TO DO BEFORE, and now is so incredible difficult to discourage you from claiming what is yours! Of course I fail miserably and did not get my refund.
Mark should know better....


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  • Refund from whom? HipStamp or a seller? If a seller, and you paid through PayPal, the seller would have to refund you through PayPal.
  • No Michael, from Hipstamp. Before you clicked on the item and got your refund, now you need a Phd. and 100 prayers and still no way to get your money back!
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    I don't understand what "item" it is you're clicking on and expecting a refund for. HipStamp doesn't hold any money from sellers. When it was under Gibbons, they were the so-called paymasters. Not since HipStamp was split off from Gibbons has this been possible. You have to go through the seller for items that you buy.
  • Carlos, are you talking about 'final value fees' for a sale that fell through? If you were more clear, it would be easier for someone to help. If all else fails, use the 'contact us' button at the bottom of the page and open up a ticket...HS staff is usually pretty good about responding promptly.
  • Okay guys, it seems I did not made myself clear. My apologies. I am talking about as a seller. Either a cancelled, returned or no longer available item. As usual, the site charges immediately for the sale, final value, but when it is time for you to try to get it back it is near impossible. Back in old days, you just clicked a box next to the item and requested a fee back, simple.
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