why does it take so long to show items which have been listed, over a hour and still no sign

I listed some items and they never showed up, so i listed some more and they never showed up, i have always used the same format to list and not really had a problem, so i listed one and it showed in 15 minutes, maybe the ststem is too slow for bulk listing


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  • Its been a 45 min listings not showing up. listed some more not showing up either I'm listing one at a time. Is anyone else having the same problem?
  • Yes I list one at a time I have 7727 listings I listed 2 stamps 40 mins ago not showing but in the list of stores it is 7732 this is +5 what is the problem?
  • Are you sorting by most recently listed? HipStamp decides what order your store listings appear and if they do not show up as "exciting" then they are pushed down the list.
  • Are you sorting by most recently listed. Yes not there
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