How to block shipping to a country?

Until now I had no problem shipping overseas. In the GOOD OLD DAYS, a problem buyer was blocked and life went on. Today we have to swallow hard and just take the lost, because we have no rights to block anybody for any reason. I want to block a country in my shipping, not a buyer, a country. I try to do that, but did not see how to do it, unless I block all overseas shipping. This buyer in Spain, opens a case in PayPal because his order, posted 6/5/19 has not arrived on 7/1/19! Regular air mail service, no way!!!


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    Carlos, did you send the order to Spain using USPS First Class International Parcel and a customs declaration form?
  • As a Seller on HipStamp, if you have an issue with a buyer, you can prevent them from making any future purchases with you. Our official policy is that if you have an issue with a buyer, simply send them a request to no longer purchase from you. If they attempt to make an additional purchase with you, simply let us know, and we will cancel the sale, and take appropriate action with the buyer, including suspending them from HipStamp entirely when appropriate.

    With regards to where you will ship to, you can create any Postage Locations that you would like. If you include the special country "Everywhere Else" this would mean all other countries that you have not specified. However, you can create a Postage Location with all of the countries you will ship to, and just omit any countries you do not want to ship to. As long as you leave out the "Everywhere Else" option, only buyers in the countries you specify will be allowed to purchase from you.
  • Carlos,

    Mark is right on how you can only ship to certain countries.

    Michael is also right in that if you did not send it USPS First Class International Parcel with the customs declaration form the mail could have been seized by the Spanish authorities and you are SOL.

    The UPU rules are very strict on that and if it did go through it could have been easily stolen which happens a lot in many countries.
  • Just did my first customs form to Italy..$15.00 shipping fee on all overseas more mister nice guy...good luck.
  • Update: the customer recieved his order and thanked me. I guess those customs forms work like a leash; your dog wont run off never to be found again..
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    Errr, dog ate your order.
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