Our friends in California time to check in ...

Please let us know you are okay. And if you need anything, please ask.


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    I'm about 2 hours away from the epicenter, so I felt the 2 largest ones on Thursday afternoon and last night.

    When they first start, you never know if this is the start of one close by, and could be a big problem, or if you're just feeling a large one that's far away.

    Fortunately for the Los Angeles area, these have been far enough away to have not caused any notable damage here (there would be major damage -- perhaps catastrophe -- if one that large had its epicenter close to LA), but there's certainly been destruction up in the area near Ridgecrest and the epicenter.

    I am greatly relieved that there's not been any loss of life, mercifully.
  • Thank you. Phil. I'm so happy to hear you are okay. That was really a scare seeing what happened.

    I also heard from Dave and he's okay, too.
  • Thanks for checking in on us, Luree!
  • Heard they might issue a California stamp that already comes with faults
  • That would be of seismic proportions...
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