I would like to know if sales tax applies to hipstamp??? Any info might help!!!


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  • As a Seller, you can set up where you want to collect Sales Tax. This can be done from the Members Area > Selling > Seller Tools page:
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    Sales tax applies per the laws of your state. If your online sales activities requires you to collect sales tax for your state, then you are required to do so. HipStamp has nothing to do with your obligations as a merchant to collect sales tax in your state. I am in Texas, and my state requires me to collect sales taxes from purchases that are made by people living in Texas.
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    There have been several states which recently passed laws that require Sellers to collect sales tax for sales they make (to buyers) in that state (regardless of what state the Seller is in) if the Seller meets certain requirements (such as number of orders, total value, etc.) These vary by state, and have all been passed after one such law was upheld for South Dakota by the US Supreme Court (which reversed the physical nexus requirement). Some of these laws also require marketplaces that collect payments to automatically collect Sales Tax on all purchases made within those states.
  • Might the IRS will accept stamps at face value for payment? Man would my sales go up.
  • Thanks guy's; I just thought it was odd that I had to pay sales tax on used stamps!!! I've been with you for about ten years and never had to pay sales tax before. And yes the seller is from my home state!!!
    Thanks again
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    If you buy a used music CD you pay sales tax. Doesn't matter. Stamps being sold in any condition, not including unused stamps sold at face value by the post office (and a few other exceptions), are considered merchandise and are subject to sales tax.
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