If this discussion has occurred, forgive and ignore. What are Crypto stamps and their theory? I recently saw a dealer sell Austrian crypto stamps and another selling what appeared to be a sheet of label remnants from Austria, claiming to be First issue. Are they a charge for email within the country of issue? Are they covered under the UPU?. Does one need a virtual album and how does one soak off a used crypto stamp? I guess you buy them with crypto currency.
In this Brave New Virtual World this small bit of wet-ware is feeling overwhelmed!
I throw this out for comment and discussion.


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  • I don't know, William. This is the only Krypto stamp I've seen.
  • My bad; here's another.
    Krypto too
  • I don't get it.
    I think I'll stick to Superdog.
  • I'm glad I can count on you Ted to keep the forums from getting too serious ;-)
  • You're my inspiration, Ron. LOL
  • Interesting link Ted, explains in relatively reduced techno babble the theory, especially the self induced rarity of different colors and then the increased price point after a certain stamps have sold at the issue price to the max total number issued. Speaking of issue price, 6.90 euros pays for what? Perhaps our Austrian members could explain the rate and if there have been covers on the market? Using your smart phone to scan the bar code, you easily find out the color rarity and the issued number almost instantly providing a base market value.
    A fad ( like the above stamp above) perhaps, but the success of scratch lottery tickets and Collectable card games that speak to the inner gambler and complettionist collector could prove irresistible.
    In my wildest imagination this provides producers with the marketing tools to keep collectors
    engaged, buying and using their cartage infrastructure.
    What's a Luddite to do?
    I like to hear your thoughts.
  • Luddite is my middle name. None of that crypto-babble makes any sense to me. :smile:
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