Message on Invoice From Seller to Buyer

There is a place where a seller can enter a text message to buyers that is included on all invoices. I absolutely cannot find the location where I can edit this message! I have looked through (at least I believe I have) every areas of the store pages and selling pages, and cannot find this. Could someone please tell me where this is? Thanks.


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  • Never mind. I finally found it. Makes no sense, but it's in the tab called "Account Settings". Since the invoice message to buyers is the only thing in "Account Settings", wouldn't it make more sense to call it something else? I don't see how that message affects my account.
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    When did this get added? I've been wanting this for a long time, but didn't know it was available.

    Also, thanks to @Michael Generali for pointing out where he found it.
  • It should be available to edit when you send an invoice. That would make real sense.
  • This raises a question. My understanding is that we sellers cannot initiate an invoice after a sale as that happens magically behind the scenes. Please advise how this is accomplished by the seller verses Hip stamp generated.
  • A seller can't generate an invoice. The note is a general message that is added to all your invoices. You enter the text like you do for all your store pages and templates. It's just that this message is poorly located in a person's account information area rather than in the person's selling ares.
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