New! My Want List & My Collection Feature

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We're just about ready to launch our initial version of our all-new My Want List & My Collection feature!

Our plan is to get an initial version out to our members, and then start adding additional features from there. While we're not quite ready to release this feature in general, as there are a few outstanding minor issues to fix first, I would like to be able to give our members in our forums early access to these features.

That being said, here is the list of known issues we currently need to fix:

- Change placeholder Screenshots on the Information page
- Intermittent Blank Screen issue (if you see this happen, refresh the page)
- When you see "Calculating..." this does not yet automatically update the page, you need to manually refresh the page
- Editing an Item does not update the Item Count in the list
- Dropdown menus do not show selected elements on edit
- Changing Priority from the main list with 1 item in the list doesn't look right
- Pressing Enter in dropdown menus for My Collection submits the form (it should not)
- Adding Private IDs in My Collection does not work / the form does not submit

If you notice any additional bugs, in addition to the above, please let us know here! Also, if you do experience an Intermittent Blank Screen, please let us know exactly what you were doing / page you went to (and came from) when you experienced this.

With the above in mind, here's the link!


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  • I like it-I'll check it out after the trip to town-

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    As a seller, it would be most helpful if I was able to see what others are looking for. In that way, I could give priority to them when adding new listings or purposely address those needs in quick response to their posting; hopefully creating a win-win thing. Will this be possible on this site if, say, the wanted items are presented anonymously so everything goes through Hipstamps channels? Otherwise it seems limited to largely the buyer's benefit and not really different than a basic search.
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    Yes, at this time, this feature is designed for buyers.

    It allows you to manage your Want List online, and easily keep track of all of the items you currently want (whether that's 1 or 1,000 items), based on Country, Catalog Number, Condition, Centering, etc.

    For every item in your Want List, you'll see how many items are currently available on HipStamp which match exactly what you're looking for, as well as a link to view those items for sale. Additionally, when new items are listed which match your Want List items (again, not just Country and Catalog Number, but Condition, Centering, etc.) you'll receive an email notification letting you know that new items have been listed which match what you're looking for.

    There are many additional features we plan to bring to the My Want List and My Collection feature in the future. Being able to allow Sellers to view what items are currently of interest to buyers is an item we plan to review further as well.
  • I will look forward to that development should it materialize. Thanks for its consideration Mark.
  • Thanks for the “Want List” option. The first three US plate block Scott numbers and data I entered worked fine. The remaining 36 PB entries I made showed there were zero stamps availabte at Hipstamp and the “Shop Now” icon did not appear.

    The Scott numbers that did not work were between 4145 and 5298 plus C137a.

    Again, this option is a blessing.

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    Hi Carlton,

    It appears that you've indicated for each of these items that you're looking for Mint / Unused Plate Blocks with VF centering. The reason that you're seeing no matches or a shop now link, is because we do not currently have any matching listings for these Scott Numbers, which are Mint / Unused Plate Blocks with VF centering. However, if any of these items are listed, you'll now receive an email notification to let you know.

    You may also want to consider removing the centering requirement or add additional options (such as F-VF, VF or VF/XF).
  • Thanks Mark, I have removed the centering option and the "No" on ceriticate, and the "Want List" is now working.

    This Want List option will defintly help me complete my plate block collection. Again, Many thanks.
  • In lieu of accessing the want list via the above hyper-text, suggest this addition to the "to do list" add a button to the list of buyers' tools.
  • Once we officially launch the My Want List feature in a couple of weeks, we'll be adding a few appropriate links.
  • Just wanted to say YAY. This is going to be such a help. While I have a large want list, some items are ones I've been punching in on HipStamp almost weekly hoping to find. Some are surprisingly difficult! Thanks for this new Want List feature.
  • We dealers probably have some of those items amongst our unlisted holdings but have no way of knowing of your interest in such, thus your searching is limited to the serendipity of chance listing and Hipstamps advisement under the emerging want list feature. Hopefully it may someday evolve into a two-way, more complete means of a posted-need / purposely-offered exchange mechanism.
  • So far the want list option is very limited for me. I am looking for Scott Specialized Stamp Albums and supplements for the US and several other countries. The want list appears to be set up for Postage Stamps only. Is there a way to submit a want list for supplies and accessories? If not is there going to be one in the near future? Thanks ;-) Dave
  • Yes - the Want List feature is for stamps, not albums and supplements. However, you may be interested in the Followed Searches feature for such items:
  • Hi My Fellow Stamp Collector Mark
    Thanks, I already am doing followed searches that way. The issue with it is no one is aware that I am interested in these items. I think it would be nice if a seller could look at a list of 'Wanted Items' and be able to post those items than to just post anything and find out that no one is interested in those items. Just a thought for those in charge. Thanks ;-) Dave
  • David

    I have a "Scott National Album: 2 Post; 1929 -1988 Commemoratives & Definitives: No Stamps" listed for sale.
    It is an older album in what I would say is "good but not perfect" condition. It is item number 27481808 if you interested, take a look.
    I also have some really nice National two post binders that I do not have listed yet. Once in a while I will get some National pages that I will accumulate but I have not had time to organize to sell.
    Ken W.
  • Entering your collected stamps is tedious. Should be able to list sets besides individually. sn555-62- for example.No one wants to enter 2000 stamps one at a time.
  • Who says you can't list sets?
  • In the My Want List / My Collection feature - items can not currently be added by set - each item is added individually, and can have its own set of options, information, etc. However, once you create an item, just click on the "Save & Similar" button (or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Enter). This will create another item with all of the same information, and highlight the Catalog Number - so you can easily change it just the Catalog Number, and repeat.
  • Eventually, a great feature would be an excel template that if done correctly will allow the collector to upload all their wants together.
  • Fortunately, my want list is short (less than 100 stamps). I very much appreciate this feature. I wish other online stamp venues had it.
  • I am 10% in favor of the way David Monk wants to handle things for dealers. Say people pish te search button 110 times for Great britain #33 mint. Then it would show up as wanted GB #33 mint 100 searches.
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