Feedback/order status functions

Would it be possible to combine these two functions, please? As it stands now, the purchaser has to update the status order; the order resets, has to be found again, and feed back entered. When modifying more than one order at a time - this can be very time-consuming and more than a little irritating. Cheers!


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  • Another issue that bothers me, too. What I usually do, now, is right click and "open in new tab" every function - order status, feedback, and contact buyer. Do that for all your open orders, then it's wuick and easy to go from tab to tab completing each function.
  • To be honest, the entire order page/system is a nightmare. Takes forever to fill an order, takes forever to update an order.

    That's a great idea, Ted. Why didn't you share that with me sooner :)
  • Jeri,

    If you don't mind the question How long is it taking you to fill your orders? (It took me a little less than 3 1/2 hours to pull and pack 15 orders with about 250 pieces) I started about 9:30 this morning and finished a little before 1:30 with a 1/2 hour for lunch and a 5 minute break per hour.
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    It varies depending on certain parameters. Last night I had 7 orders for 177 items - picked and packed in 2 hours. So it would seem we are on the same pace.

    The problem I run into is larger orders with 1 stamp from every country. While the order page generally has them sorted, the pix's are very small and no way to check them off like in BS. If I try the listing page, which has nice size pix's all the orders get sorted together.

    Precancels can get tricky because the order could be all #804's but each one a different city or state. Plate blocks too - hard to see the plate #.

    However, I'm grateful to have these orders - business has been good!
  • I was wondering as I know how you are doing it would not work for me. (Too many larger items that take up a lot of room and my computer is in a different room than where the set up stock is stored) I have all the set up stock stored by private id's numbers. So when I get the orders I print the packing slip and pull the orders from that.

    It would be so much easier if on the order pages we had a check box like we have on the listings page,that we would be able to check the box and be able to choose to leave feedback,mark it as shipped,or print invoice with the same kind of buttons that are on the bottom of the listings page,where it could be done quickly and at one time.
  • Yes, the check box and other things you mentioned would be just perfect.

    Private ID #'s is really the way to go. But almost all of my inventory when I started selling was in albums/stock cards by country - should have done the ID's then - hindsight! I'm not sure I'd live long enough to start over.
  • I use the listing number for each item. Unique number and easy to find in my stock drawers, which are arranged by country and catalog number. Multiples of the same stamp/set are placed in the drawer from lowest item number to highest. If the item is too big, I put it in my "Bin" and use that as my Private ID along with the item number. I print out the invoice and fill each order that way. It doesn't take much time at all.
  • Jeri - you can enlarge the pixs by using the zoom feature on your computer. While this reduces the number of stamps view-able on the page and requires more scrolling, it allows you to better see the stamp details when picking orders. I find 200% to work great.
  • Jeri,

    When I switched over I left the older listings alone for awhile and just started using the private ID's. I just got to the point of taking some of the older listings at a time and filtered them back in and reworked those items. The only things that I have sorted in US and worldwide is the covers. I keep the US covers separate from the worldwide covers because I found that most of the time the buyers either are buying US or worldwide covers at the time not both. With the rest of the material I have buyers buying from multiple countries so keeping the stamps and souvenir sheets didn't really help that much any more. All of the stock is sorted by private ID only.

    I don't have the time to take and try to sort it all by country after it's listed anyways. With using them I have been able to cut down the time it takes to rename the pictures,label the items with the private ID's,and being able to get the items listed and filing the items after they have been listed. It took awhile to get it tweaked but it works great now and saves a whole lot of time on the front end.
  • I include a location code in my private ID so I know both the serial number and location of the item.
    The only problem is with orders over 10 or so, I ended up pulling the same red box down multiple times or worse a heavy tub with covers. I solved that by downloading the sales summary for that day from the reports page and copying the needed columns to another excel file which sorts by location. Although the download/convert takes some time, it saves tons of time in assembling and order and increases accuracy 10 fold. It's a lot easier than pulling stock using a printed invoice or off the screen. It did take a LONG time to covert the ebay imports to the new numbering system, but it's worth it so I can go to the beach now!

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