just offering some feedback

Dear reader. I clicked received. but after that i realised I have not received your order. To be honest I am not going to bother with it but I do want to give some feedback. even though your order is not in this grouping, it might be but I have not received it so I don't know do I. i thought I had received your order because there were two stamps in the envelope I opened and I ordered those two but I also order the same two from another seller. I realise after careful study of the postal cancels the envelope was not yours it was the other sellers.. . what I am saying is, of 10 orders for the same stamp for my study I have no idea who 5 are from. absolutely none ... unless i guess and study the stamps versus listings ( which is hard because the listing is closed ) and because there was no invoice, no seller name, no acknowledgement from the seller to my purchase, no name on envelope that relates in anyway to the sellers name I ordered from. and in your case no name that means anything to anyone. anywhere in your listings or on an envelope I received. which there couldn't be because by a process of deduction I am two stamps short. and your is the only order left not received. :-)
Just feedback At least I am eliminating who not to buy from.well at least I think I am :-)


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