Need ability to communicate to offeror when declining an offer

Several times I have had to reject an offer because it was no longer in my inventory. There is no way to communicate with the offeror that it was not his/her offer that was lacking but rather the real reason was that the seller's inventory was what was lacking. Being able to communicate might have led to another offer on a secondary choice and a sale after all.


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  • If you know the name of the person, you can send them a message through the messaging system.
  • I see no way of sending a message to 2 offers I have had from a buyer. There should be a way to communicate with a buyer when he makes an offer.
    I go to the message area on my dashboard and there is no way to send a message.
  • It's simple. Go to your Inbox, click on New Message, enter the recipient's name, type your message and click on Post Message.
  • Michael,

    There is no place to type anything on my inbox in the message area.
  • I see what you are talking about for the inbox but his ID name has no results. The message board on our dashboard does not work. On eBay you can always type a message when making a counter offer or be able to contact the person using their ID. On here there is no way at all to contact a potential customer. That is very, very bad.
  • When you get or make an offer you should be able to send a message along with it. That is common business sense.
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    I'm not disagreeing with you on the issue of making it easy to contact potential customers regarding best offers. I don't understand why you are unable to send a message to someone. Check your inbox. I'll send you a message right now. It's easy to do.

    Until such a feature gets added to the best offer function. Sending a message is the way to go.
  • Yes I received your message but when dealing with a customer many times you only have their ID name and the messaging system on the dashboard does not have a way to send.
    Also since there is a strong probability that they do not even use this forum it is impossible to have any contact with the customer until you actually sell to them.
    I noticed that the two items they made an offer on had the wrong shipping amount so I changed that. Fortunately he caught it and made the purchase.

    Again Mark needs to do a change to the program so we are able to send messages to new customers.
  • Their ID name is their real name. No proxy names are allowed here that I know of. The get a message that they have a message waiting for them on this site.They don't have to be on the forum to get the notification.
  • Well I put the ID name in and it said the name was not found. The messaging system on Hip Stamp is useless unless they are members of this forum. As I said the person bought the items any way but there definitely needs to be a way to converse with a potential buyer.
  • If you are a member of HipStamp, you have access to the Forums.

    We agree on the need for more direct communications, however.
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