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In over 40 years I never had this issue before. I have been ordering 3x5 Manilla stock cards for that long to store stamps as well as using them in the last 10 years to ship stamps. These cards fit nicely into a size 5 Glassine and then into a small white envelope for shipping. For the past month or so - I have not been able to get a hold of anymore of these cards. My normal suppliers have been out - so I placed an order last Friday with Subway - surely they would have them. Well just got a notice from them too - they are back ordered. No idea of how long they will not be available. I just did a search for them and every supplier shows them as out of stock. Does anyone have a good suggestion on a substitute way of sending out stamps that are purchased. This may be "my final nail in the coffin" for selling stamps. I like to keep the shipments in small envelopes and I am not sure of another way to do it that is not too costly.


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  • I use 107 cards and overlap the stamps. If there are a lot I write the catalog numbers on the blsnk space above (double row, tiny writing). You can fit 16 to 18 stamps on a card.

    They will fit in a #5 glassine if you trim about a sixteenth of an inch off the side(s).

    These are like standard 102 cards only they nominally measure a scant 3-1/2 by 5-7/8.

    Pretty sure that they are cheaper than the manila cards. They are also great for blocks
  • For small orders they may work but when I have an order of let's say 150 stamps - not sure how to handle things now. Are the 107 cards thick enough to prevent creasing in an envelope - the manilla cards had dual purposes - they could hold a lot and it made the envelope stuff enough but not too thick...
  • Do you have a scan or photo of what they look like?
  • Here is a pix of a 107A card with a few stamps in it and the stiffener I cut from a manila file folder. I put the 107A card(s) in a #5 glassine and the glassine in the stiffener. You get 3 per file folder. I sell more covers than stamps and for those I use a #9 envelope to avoid the problems inherent in using #10 envelopes.

    Is it as stiff as a manila card - no. On the other hand I have been doing this since 1985 and have never had anyone say anything about any problems. Actually have some nice compliments - neat clean seamless package with no tape.

    Subway sells these for around $82 per thousand it appears they are now on sale for $54 per thousand.

    150 stamps will take 8 cards and become a parcel anyway - I use a photo mailer for anything over 4 cards which will not bend....

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    I have never seen those before. Wish I could be of more help. BTW, Amazon now carry's stamp collecting supplies.
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    Are you aware they also make 5 x 8 manila stock cards? They do fit into a 6 x 9 inch envelope which can go as a first class letter depending on thickness and weight. They are going for about $45.00 per 250 shipped.
  • Yes - I know there are different sizes. I have a couple of the 5 x 8's left over. From what I have read and what I can see is that the days for manila stock cards may be over I may try to get some of these - I could always cut them down if I need smaller ones. too. Eventually there will be no sizes available since the machine that makes them has been broken for quite some time. Reminds me of when the PermaGuard mounts went away and the Dennison Hinges before that.. !
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    I generally use #102 cards and recycle them if possible. i then take a regular letter size envelope and "open it" (important to open it before folding) then fold it in half forming a pocket to insert the #102 or larger size card. I use the pocket envelope to rubber stamp my printed info and write thanks. this keeps the stamps in a safe secure envelope yet it is not too thick to cause a problem. I put the opened folded envelope in another letter sized envelope. Stiffness is not a good thing in my opinion as far as flagging an item as containing merchandise (theft) or to cause postal machinery to destroy. it keeps the weight way down, appears as a normal letter mail . never had a complaint yet on damage or security concerns as to safety of packing. Remember the willow tree is a lot better than an oak tree in most situations as it bends as needed yet is secure.
  • A #6 envelope fits nicely inside a #10 envelope without any need to fold the smaller envelope.
  • Could try 4 x 5 manilla stock cards manilacard
  • Those are the cards - I called them 3x 5 but the actual measurements are 5-3/4" x 3-1/4". - the link takes you to a dealer and they have this right on that page "The only producer of these pages has been out of stock for several months and we do not know when we might expect to have them back in stock" - That is the same story all of the dealers including Subway are telling us now...
  • A special thanks to Carol Brooks (Webpaper) - she had MANY (new and almost new) of the 3x5 manila cards I needed and she did not need them - so I was able to buy them from her. She is also sending me some samples of the materials that she uses - so I can start investigating my options for the future. Also thanks to everyone else who had some good ideas. It will be interesting to see if they ever fix the machine that creates these cards - I would not place a big bet on it. Steve
  • speaking of shipping methods and supplies. throw the tape away if it is anywhere near the stamp products. please refrain from using tape in any manner around a stamp order. I buy a lot of stamps and it is amazing how people think using tape is ok on stamp orders. I would hate to think how many stamps have been destroyed by tape usage in shipping. just a comment and yes i know generally you can circumvent the order with massive amounts of heavy un-tearable tape with a pair of scissors. sometimes :-)
  • Have you thought of good old index cards? Staples has them cheap in bulk.
  • Don't get that ? Not sure how a stamp could adhere to an index card for shipping ?
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