Not getting email sales notifications

Hi all,
I have not been receiving any sales/order notification by email. This has been going on for a couple of weeks. If not for the Paypal payment email notification, I could easily miss these orders (especially in a timely manner).
I have checked my spam and trash folders and they are not going there, so I'm not sure if they are even being sent.
Is this happening to anybody else, and does anybody have any suggestions on how to fix it.


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    First, verify your email address on HipStamp is correct, in case you changed email providers.

    Second, check with your internet/email provider to see if they have blocked HipStamp emails from getting to you. Some providers like AOL, AT&T, Verizon and others automatically block such emails and count them as spam if you receive a large number of emails from the same entity/person in a short period of time. We have this problem on another web site that I help administer.

    Third, if you have accidentally "deleted" messages from HipStamp by using the Spam button rather than the trash button (I have done this in the past), check you spam filter and remove HipStamp from it.
  • What is the email address that hipstamp uses for sending us offer notifications?
  • This is sporadic for me. So it can't be a situation of emails going to my spam folder. It's really a good thing Pay Pal sends us notifications. I did submit a ticket and emails started coming, but then they stopped and it's hit and miss.

    Something has happened but nobody can answer the question of why we are not getting emails from Hip Stamp on Sales consistently.
  • Do they always show up on your orders page ? I hit that a couple of times a day - my emails usually a couple of times a week to clean it up from all the stuff I don't need. .
  • Michael, thank you for the suggestions, I probably should have said that I am still getting some Hipstamp emails. After a little more digging I found out that it is the emails I am not getting.
    They seemed to have stopped on Oct 5. after someone accepted a counteroffer. I had a few sales on the 6th that I was not notified of. And it seems the sales, and purchases I have made since then have not notified me.

    I am getting the at the same email. Not sure if Hipstamp uses more than 2 emails.

    I checked my blocked lists both on my providers site and in my email program, but did not see Hipstamp on either one.

    I did just add Hipstamp onto my safe senders list, but I'm not sure if it will make any difference, as It used to work before, without them on it. But I will see if it helps.


  • Luree,

    Thanks, at least I know I'm not the only one with the problem. I'll probably do the same and submit a ticket.


  • Carol,

    They do show up on my order page, but unfortunately I may not be as diligent as you, checking my account as often as I should. I mostly relied on the email notifications, and checking in periodically otherwise.
  • I have not gotten notifications for several months. Just notices. I always check my account on a daily basis, so it's no big deal. In fact I prefer not getting them. Just one more I need to delete.
  • If your provider Black Listed HipStamp, it may take HipStamp management to try to get your provider to remove this site form the list.
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