Here are details for an order of stamps which was given Negative FB although the buyer gave a positive comment, I sent a message his reply was this was not what he intended and would see if he could find away to reverse the, so far the Negative FB is still posted.
I accept this is a bit belated, it would be nice if this can be fixed.

Invoice #1360866 from 10/15/2018 - Buyer: dorian68 (1735)
(14 Items) View on PayPal: 0WA03195TA5004724
Many Thanks Tony


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  • Contact HipStamp management and they should be able to correct it. I got hit with 40 negative feedbacks a few weeks back with the comment "perfect". I also need to contact the management as it "looks" bad, but new sales continue, so perhaps it's not as bad as we sellers think. I know that if I saw this type of negative, I would ignore it.
  • Just shows that the feedback system should be revised. Its not user friendly. Several of my customers sent me Emails saying they were satisfied but just couldn't figure out how to leave feedbacks.
  • I've also heard from some buyers (but rarely) that they can't figure out how to leave feedback. I assume most of the ones who can't figure it out don't bother to tell me and just let it go.
  • I will add that I did ask admin to remove a false negative once, and they complied very quickly.
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