Custom Categories?

Back in the SW days, there were custom categories that a store owner could set up to create unique searches or means of organizing their stores. Granted, there is less need for this with some of the built-in characterizations currently in HS, but there are still a few things that would be nice to have our own direct control over, almost like dynamic categories filterable from within our stores. Any chance of such a functionality being added here and being populatable with the Bulk Uploader? Or if that is too much to implement, how about a visible place to save URLs/hyperlinks for saved "Advanced Searches" that tie into certain text strings we add to our listings?


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    i guess this could cause a bit of conflict and maybe has been discussed here before? i like the idea a lot Doug. Also i would like to see another category that would include other items other than stamps. if i remember that was here originally and was removed to the present system. maybe two different searches but would keep the one store concept. or add categories to our stores here as an option. broaden the functions of our stores to allow more custom functions.. maybe add this as an additional paid fees benefit? I would pay more if the "single" stores had more options in these areas- especially if it included more than stamps and a search for the other than stamp items was included. just some thoughts and i assume this has all been hashed out before now? i'm thinking a lot of the software/code needed for these changes are stored in the archives :-) LOL

    another thought is by an expansion like this could attract more traffic as existing sellers would bring non stamp buyers here that would visit the stamps. I send out invites to buyers and even redirect from an existing domain as i am sure others also do here. I'm sure a lot of issues involved.. such as illegal stuff and junk being listed are the main hurdles to tackle if something like this was considered. maybe taking little
  • Do you mean things other than postcards or Comics that have other "Hip" stores for them already? I would think it would be hard for them to stray from that business model. Since my store addresses a wide variety of markets, what I am looking to do is add another layer of filtering to my items that can eventually take 20,000 items, weed out one end of the spectrum or another regarding quality. My items are not worthy of certificates. I did find that I can add hyperlinks to custom searches in the "About Us" custom page. I guess that's a start!
    For example:
  • great site here. i'm impressed but always good to consider possibilities
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    another thought is the search does seem to allow for some manipulation on the seller's part. example is pick a 3 letter code and add it in the regular mode search bar of hipstamp. if no one else is using it .. then it should be handy somewhat. example try -> tnx .. something i have been playing with. the search here is interesting and useful for me. i imagine a few uses for this can be found for seller sorting at the least
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    I do something similar with my consignees. I use X and their initials, so XBC, XVA, XWM, etc., so they can easily see their own items if they search on their codes. But that is only private ID. This technique doesn't work so well anymore since Hipstamp does not have an Advanced search that searches the body of the listing... only the description. That's too bad.
  • I agree Doug but I think they would have to add searching through descriptions for this to work for me. I used to put keywords in my listing on BidStart and then create categories based on searches in both the Title and Description. I continued to add keywords to my listings until pretty recently. It has been a few years and it looks like this functionality is never coming so I stopped as it was pretty time consuming.

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