No stamp collectors in 6 states?

When I started selling on Bidstart and finally on Hipstamp, to give a little extra I decided to put a State flag stamp just to get rid of them. Strangely after more thant 5 years I'm still stuck with 6 unused stamps after hundreds of shipments all over the world. It seems nobody in Delaware, Montana, North Dakota, Rhode Island, Vermont and Wyoming collects stamps! Food for thought for a University professor on human behavior...


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  • My guess would be that they are all small states population wise and the likelihood would be that anyone that wanted a state stamp already has one...just my guess, mind you.
  • Well I have customers in at least 3 of the states that you listed, and I know there is a traditional stamp auction house in Delaware and a stamp show there annually. Montana, North Dakota, and Wyoming don't have a lot of people but do have a lot of land. In the 50's Delaware Stamp and Coin was a thriving stamp store in Wilmington, but I think it is long gone.
  • Yes, Delaware and Rhode Island are really surprising. Now collectors seem to all live in Florida and California...
  • I have sold to two different collectors in Delaware and one in Montana within the last three weeks. I would add NY, PA, NJ and TX to most active states.
  • Over the years I've had sales to all 50 states except -- wait for it -- Wyoming.
  • For the record, I am a seller on Hipstamp with over 20,000 Feedback. I live in the great state of North Dakota. I have collected since I was a child which was a long time ago. I know of several other collectors from North Dakota who are active here or on other sites. I have had sales to Wyoming and Delaware recently. I know I have purchases from Dennis Jorgensen and I Think I have purchased from Doug Briscoe and Carol Brooks in the past.
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    Hey, Richard, ND is one of 6 states from which I haven't gotten any sales. Come on over sometime. :smiley:
  • This cannot be. I am in a small town called Terrace in Northern BC. To my surprise I saw stamps offered by collectors on auction websites from the neighboring Kitimat (population of 4,000 people) and even Bela Coola (population of 2,000 people).
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