Win the War 905 or 905b?

Is this stamp reddish enough to classify 905b? they are the same stamp just one is brightened version:


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  • Scott Catalog says:
    "All examples of 905b are pre-cancelled either Los Angeles or Fremont"
  • Yes I did see talk of that....on other sites however I do see some listed on ebay and hip as non canceled 905b!
  • All the big auction houses only show fremont or los angeles cancellations as 905b. I will check a bit more but looks like the only version of 905b is precancelled
  • " I do see some listed on ebay and hip as non canceled 905b! "

    That comment hardly garners any votes of confidence. ALL of the rarest stamps are listed in astronomically huge numbers to make it appear that they are more common than common stamps.
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    Tell them to get an APS certificate at their cost and you will purchase the stamp and reimburse them for the certificate. The stamp without a precancel needs a certificate to sell - honest
  • St Paul bureau precancel has also been recently discovered on the 905b.
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    The 4 on the left might be, while the right most is for reference. Color is in the eye of the beholder and scans don't necessarily show correctly so a certificate is required really. The 2 posted by the OP don't look dark enough to spend the money to get one in my opinion.
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