I'm so cheap

Fires and Santa Ana winds have brought the humidity level so low in California recently than my stamps are all curling. I've taken a pause from listing lest I break them. I tried finding a used humidifier but no-one was willing to sell one for 10% of cat. I'm going to either bring them with me into the bathroom when I shower or breathe heavily on them before scanning. And another thing, trick or treaters were not too receptive to my cancelled 3 cent plate blocks that I offered for halloween. Seems they preferred state quarters. What's this world coming to?


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  • Ron
    It's the other way here in Florida. AC keeps them nice and dry so thy scan nicely. THEN the power goes OFF! Humidity plus in less than 1/2 an hour. Then your nicely scanned and posted stamps stick nicely in their 102 cards, even glassines.
    A DEhumidifier works, but it throws much much heat into an already unbearably hot room. God did not make stamp collecting easy.
  • Stamps curl from humidity getting at the gum. Low humidity doesn't make stamps curl.
  • Low humidity is a factor also.


    Relative Humidity Range
    The optimum range of relative humidity for paper preservation is 45 to 60 percent. Humidity is relative as air can hold varying levels of water at different temperatures. Relative humidity is the percentage of water in the air at a specified temperature. Paper responds to the amount of moisture in the air so it is important to get this right to avoid damage.

    Humidity Requirements
    If the air is too dry, moisture will be drawn from the surfaces, causing the paper to curl. When humidity is low, a build up of static can occur, causing papers to stick together. Achieving this range of humidity can be difficult, however. Relative humidity can be monitored with a hand-held hygrometer, a device that detects the amount of moisture in the air. De-humidifying machines can help to regulate and stabilize humidity. Do not store paper in areas in which moisture is present, such as bathrooms, kitchens or cellars.

  • Hmmmm, maybe the curl is due to the occasional "colorful" language that slips out when a household project doesn't go as planned.
  • I'm so cheap that in teen years I would send letters to friends with short postage and then ask them for the postage due stamps.
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