Unresponsive seller

How do I get action from a seller who owes me for a return?


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  • If you paid using PayPal, open up a claim. If not, use the contact button at the bottom of the page to open a case with the site administration.
  • Good luck, I am also trying to get a seller to respond regarding a misidentified stamp I purchased from him at auction. Several attempts at contact through Hipstamp were unsuccessful so I went to Paypal's resolution center and subsequently got a response.The stamp has been returned to the seller and I am waiting for my refund. If nothing happens in the next few days I'll elevate the case with Paypal.
  • "unresponsive seller" Did you try CPR? (call PayPal resolvers)
  • Or try Crying to Poor Ron.
  • Writing to the Staff with "Contact Us" can also help if they are non-responsive. There have been times with sudden health issues, or computer crashes (playing devil's advocate). They have their phone number and can reach out by other means.
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