Bulk Purchase through Hipstamp?

I'm interested in making a bulk purchase of up to 500 stamps (if you have them) in one transaction through Hipstamp at the greater of A) 40% of catalog price, or B) face + 8%. This would be on a stamp by stamp basis. Contact me only through Hipstamp if you are interested. Thank you, Don


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  • At 40% of catalog, you can have my entire store. :smiley:

  • Great, where's your store???!!!!
  • Just checked your store to buy. Unless I screwed something up I only saw 67 US stamps, only 3 of which I need and they're not at 40%. Are there more?
  • Unless I screwed up, nowhere in your initial post did you specify US stamps.
  • Sorry Ted, my bad. I'm looking exclusively at US mint or Unused in mint shape stamps. I'm looking primarily at pre 1930 and post 1980. My rough total is 800 stamps and at that volume I'm thinking that one seller can work a deal with me where we're both happy. I don't want to pay ridiculous prices but I also realize the seller has to make money or there's no reason to do the deal. Let me know what you think. With HS's ok I could send a list. Thanks for your reply.
  • With HipStamp's search filters, you can narrow your search for suitable dealers. Here is a link for a search for
    United States
    Show 1 match per seller.


    Then, the search result shows only one match for each seller, but includes a note showing how many more matching results each dealer has. You could then contact the dealers with the highest results, who might be willing to work with you.

  • I have nearly 50,000 MNH and/or Unused Mint stamps in my store. Please feel free to take a look. It's the first store you come to. AWorldofStamps
  • I also have many not yet posted. I would be happy to look over your list.
  • I would sell at 40% SCV. check my store, Compare, and let me know. thank you, Stuart
  • The older stamps I normally sell for less than 40% of SCV. The newer stamps I can't sell for 40% of SCV because that is often less than face value. I would need more than 8% you offered because HipStamp and PayPal fees total 10.9% and as you stated, I need to make a little profit. I try to be fair in my pricing.

    As Stuart said, it is always good to compare sellers.

  • Please hold off comparing my prices to others on Scott numbers above 1553. I just realized many of these stamps were transferred from another store I purchased and are currently priced higher than normal. I will update you on my progress in reducing these prices, so an accurate comparison can be made. Many are being significantly reduced.
  • I sincerely appreciate all the replies. How can I get my list to those interested?
  • Check you message in-box located at the top right of the screen or go to the store, select any stamp and ask a question of the seller.
  • I'm fairly new to this website. How do I find your store from the messages above?
  • Click on HipStamp at the top of the page. This directs you to HipStamps home page. Click on stores located at the top left of the screen. Click on the first store ... AWorldofStamps. This opens up my store and you can select United States on the left. You can then scroll down and select Mint (NH) and Unused to limit the selection to only those type stamps. On the next screen you can order the stamps by selecting Country/Catalog Number. Then bring up the detail of any stamp by clicking on it. Then select question and provide your list or ask any additional questions.
  • I'm able to do everything you said except the list part. When I go to the "Want List" page and try to add, I get a complete white screen. When I go back to the want list page and click "Learn more" instead, I get that same white screen. I don't think it's me, I think the Want List page has a problem. Does it sound like I'm not doing something wrong? Also, if I can eventually get into the want list, can I add an Excel spreadsheet? I'm not about to hand list the 800-1000 stamps on that spreadsheet that I'm looking for. Btw, thanks again for your reply. I'm heading to your store now and will check back here in a bit.
  • Perhaps an Excel file can't be attached. I have never used the Want List provided by HipStamp, but it looks as if the info does need to entered by hand. I sent you my email address using the private message box above. You can then send me the Excel file; however any sales between us will be handled through this site.
  • If still interested, message me at txphl.
  • I'm nearly complete on updating my pricing of nearly 46,000 stamps. Thanks Don for your post as it allowed me to correct my listings that were sometimes priced too high. However, I'm surprised you haven't paid me yet for the group of stamps you agreed to buy nearly a week ago that were priced in total at less than you said you would pay here. I know you said you expected an even better deal based on the quantity of stamps, but as I advised, I can't afford to sell you stamps that net me less than face value. Perhaps other sellers are willing to do this. Good luck in finding one.
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