Magic Category not working correctly for "New Britain, CT" USA precancels

I am using the Bulk Lister to post thousands of US Bureau Precancels. All is working great, except there is a bug in that all of my "New Britain, CT" precancels are going into the wrong category. Instead of going to the United States, they are going into Australia & Oceana -> Papua New Guinea. Probably because there is a New Britain there as well. I thought adding "USA" to the title would get things into the United States categroty. See details below. Let me know if I'm doing something wrong.

I also don't know why all my listings are going into the "Topicals" category, but that's just a weirdness that I don't understand.

Here is an example listing:
Title = "New Britain CT, Scott 597-44, $2CV, Bureau Precancel USA"


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  • Instead of using the Magic Category option, if you know the item is a United States stamp, you may just want to use category id 12 - which is the United States category.
  • Yes I can do that easily. Just wanted to let someone know in case there is a bigger bug somewhere in there.

    Thanks for the fast response Mark.
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