eBay sync not working, hipstamp and postcard

Looks like sync is not working at all.
On Stamp seems it stopped about 1 week ago. Just deleted a few sold items on here MANUALLY as they sold on eBay but still showed here. Last nights listings to eBay are not showing on hipstamp yet,
Listed some postcards earlier and they are not importing to hippostcard.
Is this a known issue?
Makes me worry a little as I hate having to cancell orders if I am sold out and record shave not been updated properly.


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  • I stand corrected, the import on hippostcard came through. But still issues here at hipstamp
  • Unfortunately, at this time, we do not support syncing in real-time from both HipStamp and HipPostcard with the same ebay account; as we can only keep one account in sync real-time. The other account will be kept in sync, but there will be a delay of a few days or more. Please follow-up with our Support team: support@hipstamp.com for more details, and to review your account specifically.
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