Note that multi item counts aren't being reduced for sales of ebay synchronized multi item listings

I've had 3 in a row in the last couple days that have not been properly reflected (ie reduced) in the original ebay listing when one sells here on Hipstamp.

Single items have all been updating correctly (ie the single item is closed on eBay as it should be).

Up until recently multi item reductions were working fine 100% of the time (I always check everything to make sure it updated correctly)


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  • All 3 ebay multi item synched listings today were NOT updated (reduced), so it appears as if it is always failing for multi-item synched items now.

    Fortunately single items are being correctly closed on ebay.
  • Today's 3 ebay multi item synched listings: 1 reduced correctly, 2 did not reduce as they should have.

    Fortunately all unique items continue to be closed as they should be.
  • I cancelled syncing on both my accounts, hip stamps and postcards.
    My items sell slow enough that I can manually delete and adjust as needed.
    I ship daily thus always be up to date.
    The worrying and checking up and fixing syncing erros takes more time and energy than just doing that stuff manually.
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    As an addendum to a help request I put in, I also added this problem.

    It turns out multi item listings won't be successfully reduced for any items that haven't had the ebay required fields in the various stamp categories added (which started in November). Normally it is the likes of: certification, grade, quality, origin.

    I believe once these are updated the reductions will work again.

    For the likes of me who don't go in and fix all these grandfathered items (grandfathered listings don't have to be fixed until they are next edited, then the required fields have to be added - this is what is blocking the autoreduction) I'll have to continue to manually reduce them when they sell here.

    I thought it worth posting the answer to this.
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