Recommended scanning app for PC computers

I just moved from an apple computer to a pc computer and wondered what scanning app people were using for scanning stamp images to upload onto the site?


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  • I use an Epson V550 scanner and the Epson supplied software does most everything I need. Windows has a Photo editor built in if you need to do basic changes to the image like cropping etc. I also like the free Photopad image editor if you want to create a collage from multiple scans of your item like front, back and close up of any defects but with the 100 image per listing that should not be necessary.
  • I use Epson also a 4180 photo and a GT 15000. They all came with software to do the scans and any changes I need to do I have been using PhotoScape for years and it is free and works very well.
  • if on a budget try the canon MG2522 from Walmart. i get a new one every 3 months or so and throw the old one away. the printer cartridges are free and the last one i bought for $20 with ink included. maybe discontinued now? i am about due for another one. i do think they were normally $30 with ink and they are a scanner/printer/copier.. again of marginal quality :-)
  • Thanks, for your suggestions. I was using "Image Capture", which allowed me to scan a platen full of images at the same time and re-align any that happened to be lying crooked on the platen. My scanner is an MX492, and the software that comes with it, simply doesn't compare.
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