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Here is suggestion for a new feature, unless there is an existing way around it:

Is there a way to sort the "Sale Details" list of item?

When I am finding all of the stamps that a customer has ordered (usually 20-50/order), it would be helpful to be able to sort the list of items they purchased. When I go to the Sale Details page, the order of the list per buyer is in some random order and there is no way to re-sort it on any criteria.

I have all my stock in order by the Private ID, so it would be really helpful to be able to sort the orders by that. Then I can just go thru my stock in order and pull out what they purchased. Currently I have to hunt for each item and go back and forth all over the place.

I'm assuming the order presented is the order they put them in their cart, which isn't very helpful usually.


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  • I have always seen the invoices that I print out directly from HipStamp to be sorted by country and catalog number. The PayPal packing slip, I believe, is in the order that the buyer placed the item in the shipping cart. I do not print the packing slip from PayPal.
  • Michael Hynes:
    When I have large orders or multiple orders then I download the sales report for the date range of the order(s) from "Reports" and open in Excel. You can then sort by private ID and print a list of just private ID, Description and quantity. My stock is also stored by private ID and this method has worked well for me.
  • Thanks Michael Almond, I was able to get that to work.
  • I agree it is quicker to pull stamps if sorted by private id, however I would never send them to the buyer in that order. I package them in the order as they appear on the HipStamp invoice which makes it easier for the buyer to verify they have received what they ordered.
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