Starting Point?

Hi.New store owner today. I may be falling in to a newbie dumb trap by missing something obvious but is there a basic guide to listing and the listing rules on HipStamp for me to check before I get going? I don't want to learn by constant screw ups.


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  • pretty much same as other sites and common sense. you should be fine jumping in :-)
  • after you get set up and list some items then you can explore the seller tools area.. the options and tools are pretty nice in my opinion.
  • Graham:
    The listing rules can be found under "Terms" link at the bottom of this page. Scroll down the terms to find seller responsibilities. The help link also has instructions on using some of the more advanced tools
  • Graham,

    Scroll down this page and you will see a column that says get to know us. Under that line click Terms. On the terms page scroll down to Seller policies (That's about half way down the page) and that should answer most of your questions.
  • Welcome, and good luck! Please provide a link to your store.
  • Nothing listed yet Doug. A lot to get ready still but hope to add some interesting listings very soon.
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